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Posted on: 2018-02-09

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I find it disconcerting if the hair is non-existent. If you've got an evening to spare, then please read Karl Popper's critique of psychoanalysis, and then ask yourself how this might apply to feminism and it's inane theories. I really don't think I would care if a girl didn't shave her legs as long as the hair wasn't visible it isn't on me, so maybe that is whyalthough I am programmed to think a girl with a visible amount of armpit hair is unusual and don't find it attractive.

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Stop the elderly voting, Paxo The reason Oxford and Cambridge interview applicants is the exact opposite of the one you give it's an attempt to look at a student's raw potential, regardless of how well they've been taught. It may sound shallow, but you don't get to decide how others determine attractiveness.

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If she had armpit hair, would you still take her Not to mention needing a ladder to look them in the eye despite being over 6 foot. Or do you think some chick working as a shopping clerk at Gap should make the same as a highly trained software engineer at Google Inside the eerie abandoned Subaru dealership where brand

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Is this a joke Ask yourself whether you have ever seen a good looking feminist

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Nowadays, men generally grow more hair than women. I'm not done yet.

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Stop the elderly voting, Paxo Do you think it might have anything to do with hormones, or is it just because we treat little baby girls differently than little baby boys

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Yes, there are fashions regarding beards. Frequently asked questions will be removed. If you personally can't answer, fine, but that doesn't make the question irrelevant. It is surely embarrassing when some of the seemingly brightest people in the country can be so stupid.

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Passersby stop escalating fight in Hounslow Oiled up again This girl is studying at Cambridge she doesn't give a shit what you think about her appearance

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They would probably have testosterone issues. Dependency, low self worth.

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It was a minor inconvenience. She won't shave her armpits, which takes about five minutes, but she will spend an hour or so every day, probably for the rest of her life, applying expensive makeup on a face which is proportionally grotesque manjaw. You demonstrate a pathetic ignorance, a disgusting shallowness and colossal short sightedness. Nothing wrong with having a preference, as long as you don't make any broad sweeping claims about attractiveness.

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If you're a guy in IT you'll probably be making a lot more money than a girl who majored in gender studies and who can only get a job at Starbucks. People don't have the same associations with facial hair as they do with bodyhair. Feminism is probably for ugly women.

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You'll just notice it more depending on the color. So they try to force society to have them do what it wants men to. That is one of many theories, but in my opinion an inaccurate one. Kate Moss says she first had sex

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No I don't care if YOU would have said something or done something most men take shit from attractive women compared to unattractive women. Plenty of men are feminists. From hairy fat women ugly I understand it's one of those things that's varied through history and cultures.

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A little is ok but keep the false advertising for magazines Probably not, but some attraction certainly would, yes.

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Then again I'd suggest why not just date a man as we naturally have more testosterone. Then tell me how many million men died in wars.

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People don't have the same associations with facial hair as they do with bodyhair. Some shaved, for various reasons, some didn't give any thought to it. Role in the hit Netflix drama is up for grabs as part of a glittering charity auction Creators are offering up a walk on part Harrison Ford75, gave Alden Ehrenreich, 28, 'invaluable' advice on how to play Han Solo in the Star Wars spin off Some advice on how to play That's one way of keeping up with Kylie After all, everyone has raw potential that can be gauged.

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Ideally 6 feet. Comfort not shaving or being more attractive to most men shaving. This is why interviews are so important for admissions, because if you only looked at grades or standardized test scores, you might end up admitting more than a few token yokels in. Gloria Steinhem used to be hot

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Aaron Sleazy June 7, at 1 I've met enough extremely dull people who went to elite universities. Frequently asked questions will be removed. Aside from the hair issue, I wanted to reply to this comment, because it's just factually incorrect, and a damaging view to perpetuate.