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Neighbor gets big dick

Posted on: 2017-09-13

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Ryan was my neighbor, two years younger than me and we never talked about sex didn't make any difference in imagining myself getting fucked by his cock. Again I still had no intention of fucking Drew, but I knew that if my husband knew I had taken my panties off before I watched pornos with our neighbor, it would drive him wild. The plot is terrible but the sex is great. I didn't notice his body tense up.

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I don't drink often, but it was Friday night. The sound of his climax alone was enough to send me over the edge for an incredible sixth mind bending explosion.

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Slowly at first but he quickly picked up the tempo. I must've sounded quite incoherent. He replied that he did. He began to apologize over and over, saying he hadn't meant to come on to a married woman.

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Change picture Your current user avatar, all sizes Once I had regained composure, Drew asked me to roll over onto my hands and knees so he could fuck me.

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He thrust himself deep and launched a torrent of cum into me eager pussy. I couldn't believe how right he seemed to be. He was stroking his cock while I had my mouth open wide for him.

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I hung up the phone and got in the shower to prepare for my man. We saw him neighbor gets big dick in.

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I knew it must have looked quite hot. He was about to become only the second man ever to be inside me. His cock was felt so good in my pussy. He obviously doesn't know my husband.

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Words were coming out, like, 'fuck', 'damn', 'yes', 'please', 'god', 'cum', and 'harder', neighbor gets big dick, but they weren't forming any real sentences. I love when my husband watches me make myself cum. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.

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Drew was very good with his tongue. Of course I couldn't wait for Drew to leave now because I was anxious for my husband to come home and fuck me silly some more as I told him everything I let Drew do to me. I watched my hand stroke his gorgeous cock.

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It seemed to be the perfect size, as if any more would spoil it. I returned to the living room with achingly hard nipples and a soaking wet pussy. One late night, I woke up and felt thirsty.

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He continued to pound all 10 inches into me as I writhed in ecstasy. Drew stepped forward and once again I engulfed his gorgeous cock. He got really loud but that only turned me on more.

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With NO redeeming feature or writing skill whatsoever I couldn't wait for him to get home so I could fulfill his end of it by telling him every naughty, dirty.