My “SECRET” to success in Life.

I believe that the higher the form of gratification, the greater the fear that will be experienced at the onset of the endeavor…so no matter what –  push through the fear and watch the miracles unfold in your life.

Fear is the biggest obstacle to any of us reaching the levels of success and happiness in our lives. I have learned a very valuable truth. The only REAL happiness that we can ever hope to achieve in this life is found inside of us. There is no object, person, or place that will create perfect happiness for us. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had the “perfect” home, the “perfect” relationship, and the “perfect” teacher, and yet they were still not satisfied, and were therefore able to be tempted by the serpent. I have come to understand that FEAR is the serpent in most everyone’s lives. If we could learn to rest in the faith that we are loved beyond measure, and that our lives are being guided, we can release the fear, and then begin the journey of self discovery that will eventually bring the only kind of true happiness. Happiness WITHIN

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