The importance of an open mind…

prayer quote
I have been working on another big mural job for the last two days, and haven’t had time to prepare a post, so I have once again dun into my archives and “refreshed”one of my earlier posts.
I will post pictures of the mural soon.
Until then…enjoy this short story about “Unanswered Prayers.”

There was once a man who was sailing in the middle of the ocean and his ship sank.

He was floating in the deep water with no land in sight, so he prayed to God for help.

Almost immediately a boat came by and offered him help.

He declined, saying that he had faith that God would save him.

So the boat left him floating there all alone. 

boat rescue










 Soon a helicopter flew over and seen him struggling in the water.

They lowered a rope to him, but again he declined saying his faith was great enough and that he would wait for God to rescue him.











He floated there all day, finally as night fell, he became to exhausted to stay afloat any longer and he drowned.


When he got to Heaven he immediately asked God why he didn’t try to save him.

God simply replied, ” I sent you a boat AND a helicopter, but you refused to help yourself.”



The moral of this story is…Keep your mind open when praying for help.

Most times the help will come disguised as a person who felt inspired to contact you,  a book that caught your eye, or even a song on the radio.










God can only help those who are willing to first help themselves.


So keep your heart open so your eyes can see the answers to your prayers in whatever form they come to you in.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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