The 4 hurdles in life

As I look back over the 8 yrs since I lost my son, my Humpty Dumpty, I realized something profound that I wanted to share with all of you.

There are 4 main hurdles that each one of us must jump in life. And until we do, we cannot be all we are meant to be in life. Initially these hurdles will diminish our self confidence, but this is an illusion.  They exist to help us fulfill our highest and greatest purpose in life.

The first hurdle is the NAYSAYERS. Those people or experiences that try to convince us that our dreams are foolish, or impossible to achieve.  But we must be strong and follow our heart. If we ignore our inspiration, then we deny our uniqueness. Leaping over this first hurdle is critical because until we can successfully jump this one, the remaining three hurdles will stay hidden from our lives. It takes tremendous courage, strength and faith to overcome the naysayers.

The second jump we must make is the jump to overcome failure. Always remember that failure is NOT failure until you give up. As long as you are continuing on your path, the would be failures can be seen as mere “bumps in the road” and not a complete detour. It is critical that you develope the resilliance to keep on driving when life knocks you down, and to realize that just because that idea didn’t work out, does not mean that the entire project should be thrown out. It just means that it is time to reassess the situation and find a new way to get the end result you desire. The way I keep my chin up when I am met with failure is to remember that even Thomas Edison failed regularly.

The third hurdle that shows up is “The Crisis”. It may arrive in the form of a divorce, a death, a financial set back, or one of many other tragedies.  This crisis will invariably set us on the path of searching for meaning. We usually turn to God, and ask WHY? We wonder where did we go wrong. If we are deeply attached to our ego, this search may end up wasting years of our lives. But if we have the courage to realize that it is through our trials that we encounter the divinity within us, then we are now on the path to healing and discovery.  The good news about the “Crisis” hurdle is that it is in many ways a divine “set up”, preparing us for the most important jump of our lives…the fourth hurdle.

We must remember who we are, where we came from, and why we are here. This hurdle requires the most concentration and will power of them all because when we reach this point we must  detach from our life and become an observer of it. We must recognize the truth that our life has a pattern to it.  From this place we can see that there are no accidents, no mistakes. Every person we met had a purpose. Every heartache we suffred trained us to feel our feelings from a much deeper and mature place in our hearts.  Our lives have been preparing us for our own unique, divine calling.

That is why we must leap the first hurdle succesfully. We must be brave. This life of ours requires detemination and resilliance, but we passed that test in the second hurdle.  This calling is so special and so important that we had to leave behind our ego so that we were willing to serve others.  it is a leap of faith and love.

The secret to successfully leaping all these hurdles does not come from the outside, it comes from within. From a place that has now been tempered and prepared by our Lord and Savior to fulfill our highest and greatest purpose in life. To share our uniqueness with the world and contribute our very own gifts to the pattern of life.

Eight years ago, on September 18, my son left this life. There is not a day that I don’t think about him. He was such a beautiful person. His kindness was rare in our world. In fact it was probably one of the things that led to his death. He had a broken heart.

I have spent the last eight years learning who I am, and what my purpose is in life. I am still on that journey, but I am happy to say, that I have come along way on my path. This last year I have done things I never imagined that I was capable of doing. But once you successfully leap all four hurdles, the Lord will reveal his plans to you in such a way that you cannot ignore his promptings.

I have lost weight and regained my health this year, and through that process I was introduced to Ia Jiminez, and Ola Madsen, who have become my friends and mentors. I was on the Emery County Fair Board representing the Fine Arts. My friend and business partner and I have teamed up with AVAR, The National Guard, and The boys and Girls Clubs to create a 60 day fitness challenge and Zombie Fun Run for Carbon and Emery Counties.

All of these things seemed impossible last year at this time. But through faith, and my hard earned confidence, I have pushed through all the fears and this Saturday will enjoy the fruits of my efforts as we present the 1st Annual Zombie Fun Run for Carbon and Emery Counties.

This run is for you Victor. I hope you are proud of the life I have  built for me and the kids. We miss you sweetheart, every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day.


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