Power of Friendship

Have you ever stopped to think what your life would be like without your beautiful, crazy, powerful friends?  For some reason this morning, I woke up thinking about how very blessed I am to have the friends in my life that I do.

This weekend my girlfriend Brenda and I got all dressed up and went to an 80’s party. We donned our very best 80’s attire and turned back the clock 20 yrs.

I looked like a Madonna wanna be, and Brenda looked like a Boy George look alike. We danced for hours to the good old music we used to listen to as teenagers. We left the party that night happy, and very content. Dancing and laughing will do that for your soul…which is why I probably woke up feeling so very blessed to have the friends I do in my life.

When I had to endure the heartache of losing a loved one forever, then the love of my life walked out the door…it was my girlfriends that sustained me.

When I didn’t think I had the strength to get out of the bed in the morning.  My friends were there to give me exactly what I needed- a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, or a quiet smile that filled me with hope.

But.. friends are not just great to have during the stormy times in life, they are also amazing when it is sunny. They make the happy times in life shine so much brighter. They are the sparkle that add glamour to our lives.

Girlfriends are more valueable than the most precious jewels in the world.  These precious souls are the ones who have been there when you needed them the most; and you know that they will be there till the end- good or bad, they have your back.

I am so blessed and honored to be surrounded by some of the most amazing women on the planet, that I get to call friends. Thanks to you all. You have brought purpose and meaning to my life. The woman I am today is a reflection of all of the beautiful women who have walked beside me during my journey.

Thanks Mom, Grandma Tippets, My 5 sisters, Wendy, Anne, Emily, Erin and Connie. Thanks to Micky and Brenda, thanks to Jennifer who keeps encouraging me to write in my blog. Thanks to all the 2nd moms in Elmo that helped raise me and shape my into who I am. Thanks to all the staff at Cleveland Elementary…and so many many other women.

Lets all take a minute today and call, text, or visit the friends in our lives that have gotten us this far! Make sure they know how much they are loved and needed.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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