Is your light turned on?

I had a conversation via text message with a friend that knew me back in the good old days when I was still in High school.

He knew me back when I believed I was ten foot tall and bullet-proof.

Back then, life had not yet made an attempt to harden me. I had not ever really experienced real stress, real heartbreak, or a real crisis in life.

For the most part, I had lived a very secure, loving life surrounded by people who  adored me. So of course, I had a killer smile back in those days. My nickname was “Sunshine” because people said I could light up a room with my smile.

So last night, I asked him the question, ” What is it that you are the most proud of?”

His answer was beautiful.

He then asked me the same question. My answer was, “My resilience. So far nothing in life has taken away my smile.”

Why, you wonder  is that the thing that I am the most proud of?

Because the power of our “light” can change the world.

I never realized this until I had a conversation with an inmate at the state prison in Utah that was waiting to die on Death Row.

One day he said the strangest thing to me. he told me that we were the same person. That we were like a coin. I was “Heads”, and he was “Tails”.

My response was that we were in no way even remotely similar in any way, shape or form.  He then informed me that we were exactly alike. we had both been severely abused by a monster in our lives. A monster who was hell bent on destroying us.

He now had my full attention. I had never told anyone, not even my family that I was in a very abusive marriage. So how did he know. What was it that he was seeing in me that led him to this conclusion? It didn’t matter. He was right.

What he said next has forever changed my life. He then explained why we were a coin.

He said, ” I let the monster steal my light, you never have, and as long as you never do, he will never win. You will never become a monster yourself like I have as long as you hold onto your light.”

Pretty strange advice coming from a man on Death Row.

So last night, once again I was reminded of the power of my smile. The power of anyone’s smile. Which is why I am asking the question today,

“Is your light turned on?”

Right now, take a second to answer this simple question.

Do you feel flush with enthusiasm? Beautiful? Strong? Confident?

Good! Then your light is on.

Light is everything. No light, no life. It’s that simple!

Do you notice other peoples light? I am sure you do. You can tell right away whether it is on – or off.
When a person’s light is on, they are approachable. You can connect with them.  They are open, beautiful, filled with life. They have the ability to ignite you and take you higher.

When their light is off, it is another story. The approach is different. You regard cautiously, wondering what kind of darkness you might be encountering.
Will they snap at you? Ignore you? Resent you? Bring you down? Find you irritating?
How do we handle darkness when we have to relate with someone who has no light?

Do you find yourself becoming depressed, or do you walk away from them, or do you do the hard thing and try to love them and share your light with them?

Who are you to the world, and amplifier or are you a dampener?

I have had many difficult trials in my life, just as everyone who has ever lived has had. We are no different from each other. We each are challenged by life to the very brink of our capacity. Each of us has a different threshold of pain, weather that is emotional pain, or physical pain, we each have a breaking point, and life takes each and every one of us to the very edge of that breaking point so that we can discover the Divinity within us all.

I am proud of my light, my smile, because it is proof that I have kept the faith and fought a good fight.

It shows outwardly, the strength that lies within me. That is what that inmate saw that day. He say into my heart. He could see the pain behind my smile, and recognized the tremendous courage it took for me to keep that smile on no matter what!

This issue of light is a real game changer for all of us. 

When it is on, we attract the things to us that we all desire. When it is off, we repel them.

The interesting thing about light is that it is NOT, I repeat NOT dependant on outside circumstances.

We all know of overprivileged, overindulged people who have slammed the door shut on their light.

And we all know of people who live with the most modest and humble of means who have lights that are BLAZING strong.

Light is an inside job, not an outside one!

Nothing can live without light, and yet so many of us try to do just that.

We attempt to  live with a steady diet of depression, self-doubt, self-hatred, self-criticism, self-sabotage.
The moment doubt creeps in to a person’s head, their light dials down a bit.
Add a dose of disapproval, the light is down to a flicker.
We can completely extinguish our life-giving power in the time it takes to have a sabotaging thought of self-loathing.
How do you turn it on if it’s off?

In order to turn on, you must turn on.

Turned on is tuned in.
Tuned in to your magnificence, your beauty, your own unique gifts and talents. Dance. Sing. Read. Enjoy the outdoors. Do whatever you do that makes you feel alive.

During the day, remember a kindness, or a beautiful sunrise and allow the beauty of that memory to completely fill your soul. Let it consume you until you have to give in to the reflex and SMILE!

Then keep on smiling.  Smile at strangers. Smile at friends. Smile at your enemies. Smile when you want to cry.

Turn up the amps on your light. When you do, life will flock to you. You will attract more and more of the things you desire when you give yourself the permission to smile.

I am so thankful for the people and experiences in my life that have created and shaped me into the woman I am today. I thank God for the trials and pain that reminded me to remember his Grace.

What makes you smile?

What things do you do to turn up the light in your own life?

I would love to hear from you all. Share with us how you stay positive every day.

Leave a comment below and lets turn up the electricity in the world today!

The light that I create with my paint brush.

The light that I create with my paint brush.



3 thoughts on “Is your light turned on?

  1. It may not be on all the time but I make a good effort to turn it back on when I discover it is out. More like a candle which the wind blows out from time to time but I have a good supply of matches so I can usually relight it whenever things seem a little dark.

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