Cherish the things that matter.

I spent the weekend painting a mural for a 10 yr. old boy who is probably the biggest Dukes of Hazard fan alive.

While I was in their home working, I was also listening.

The family I painted for has it all. Not worldly, “ALL” but the “ALL” that matters the most.

They love and cherish each other, deeply, and it shows in the attitudes of the two children in that home. They are confident, respectful, happy children. My experience with that family this weekend inspired me to write todays blog about the things in life that deserve our time and attention.  Our family!

I will start the blog with a quote from Sue Atkins, she is the author of “Raising Happy Children”. She is one of my favorite gurus so I want to share her with all of you.   Sue says in her book,

“Paint more rainbows, buy more earrings and kick more footballs in the garden, and learn to cherish, nurture and embrace your children, as you are building   bridges of unconditional love and lasting self-esteem deep within them.”   

 I just love the simple wisdom in that quote. Imagine if we would just take the time to be present in the second by second moments of life. How rich and passionate we would be.

I am a single mother of 4 amazing kids myself.

I work 2 jobs to support our family. There are times when I will be working without a day off for 30 or more days at a time. When I am asked how I have the strength to work that much, and still find a way to spend time just to sit and read or color with my kids, the answer for me is simple;

My kids are my life.

Therefore, they are my number 1 priority. Every thought, every action in my life runs through the filter of how this thought or action will affect them. This keeps my heart centered on the right things done for the right reason. In a way, my kids are my conscience.

For me, it’s all about people and relationships and in particular it’s about the relationships we have within our own families – with our kids, our partners, and our own parents.

Family life is the most important aspect of our true well-being – and so is the really important job of bringing up happy, confident, well-balanced adults – today’s children. For soon they will become tomorrow’s future.

For all children and for most adults, family life is the most important thing in life.

It gives meaning to our lives. Our home should be a place of safety, security, support, laughter, and a feeling of belonging.

You only have to ask yourself – who was there to pick you up from a late night party, give you a bit of “extra” money when you’d run out, or sorted things out when you got into trouble or made mistakes?

Or who was there to get you over a broken heart, a messy divorce, or there encouraging you on the sidelines on a frozen cold January morning when you were playing football?

Who taught you to ride a bike, go hunting, or drive a car?

And who is always there believing in you and encouraging you when life is overwhelming and challenging?

Your family.

Your family is your rock in a very fast-paced, hectic world of change – it’s your anchor in the stormy seas and choppy waters of growing up.

And that’s why for me it’s so important.

It’s from this centre that children thrive and go on to believe in their dreams and make a success of their lives – whatever that means for them.

I always tell my children that the only thing I expect them to grow up and be is Happy, and responsible.  I also tell them that whatever career they choose, whatever partner they marry, give them both all of you, hold nothing back. Be the best at whatever you do.

True happiness in life can only be achieved when you grasp the importance of responsibility.

Without that understanding, you cannot be a good friend, lover, employee, or even a good human being.

I give my children a lot of responsibility around our house. I am often asked how I am able to maintain such a tidy home. I smile and answer, “Because my children know that I am not Cinderella”

They are responsible for their own messes.

If they cook something- they clean up the mess.

When they bath- they clean up their mess.

Their room is their domain, and they do NOT get paid an allowance to keep that part of the house clean.

I pay only for extra jobs that are not messes of their creation. 🙂

In this way, I am shaping the kind of adults they will eventually become. It is my hope and prayer that when my four kids leave my home, they will be prepared to live life as  respectable members of our society. The kind of people who can be trusted, and are loved deeply by the people in their lives.

So, today, I want to pose the question to all of you,

What do you do as a parent, or a child to contribute to the wellbeing of your family?”

We are all so busy, and life is so full of distractions, that I would like to open up a discussion where we can share tips or thoughts to assist each other in the joys of parenting.

Please leave your comment below. Have a great week. I will talk to you again soon.
family tree 12


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