Fill yourself with LOVE


Yesterday on my blog I challenged you to be a”LOVE PHILANTHROPIST” that challenge got me to thinking about how I could be more loving in my life.


How I could show my family just how much they mean to me. Thats when I started thinking about what I would say to the most important people in my life if I only had one last chance to ever speak to them again.

What words of wisdom would I choose to share with them that would help them know that no matter what they said or did that they are “good humans” and that they are here to create a life full of dazzling miracles.

What would I share with them that will allow them everyday to have a deep sense of peace?

What would give them comfort in times of pain and struggle?


I would share the following with them:

Remember and know that you are loved, so furiouslyby our Savior.  Know that when you embrace this force of love inside of you, it will spill over into every part of your life. It will touch everyone in ways that you couldn’t even imagine. Know that when you lose sight to this connection, to this Divinity inside of you, remember there is always a part of you that is always connected, that never feels lost. Pause and seek that part of you that knows this deep truth.

This is all that matters, filling yourself with love each day and letting that shape your life. There will be distractions, and there will be heartbreak. Know that you are loved and are safe in those experiences.

If you turn your attention to the love inside of you, it will allow you to approach each experience with the knowing that you are loved. If you practice this one principle, of remembering and filling yourself with love, you will always be able to find the resources and the answers you need. This love will remind you that you are safe and that abundance lives inside of you. This love will remind you not to take things too personal. This love will be the best companion on your journey. It will be a compass to seeking what you desire and experiencing your greatest dream.

All that you say and do is an expression of this love. So remember, that it is your right to feel and create from this place of love. In times of pain and sorrow, remember to embrace and accept your shadow side; it will lead to riches beyond your belief. Pray that your shadow side will not harm you or anyone else, but that it will serve it magnificant purpose of keeping you pointed in the right direction, by showing you the path that you DO NOT want to follow.

If you should ever forgot that the Lord wishes you to be happy, or you find there are times when you do not fully speak your truth, if you should ever believe that you are not enough or give-a-way your power – it is so important to reconnect and step back into that consciousness of love.

This truly is all that matters. Study and learn every day who and what the Savior is. Ponder the wisdom that is contained in his Holy Word. Pray for his Grace to cover and protect your weaknesses.

If you do these things, peace, joy, and security will be the dominanting  emotions that your life will be filled with. Strangers will become friends. Trials will become lessons.  And God will create in you a clean heart, just as he did for the Great King David.

What words of wisdom would you share with your loved ones?

Today is day 2 of the love challenge.

So think about this question, and then find the time today to tell them something that you would want to leave them with if this was your last chance to do so.

I look forward to hearing from all of you.



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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