Love is Accepting Others

We are all unique individuals with our experiences, culture, perspectives, and beliefs. We need to embrace these differences that define us and own who we are in order to be true to ourselves.

So todays challenge and blog for the “7 day Love Challenge” is this;             Can you love others enough to accept them as they are and not expect them to change to suit you?

Can you love YOURSELF enought to accept yourself as you are?

So often people feel they need to conform, fade back and shy away from what truly makes them unique and special to all of those around them.

We need to be free to show up as ourselves and let our own light shine in all we do.

Not only do we need to accept ourselves, but we need to be open to others and their differences.

Even when we don’t agree or understand, we need to be tolerant and accepting that others may find a different path.

Part of owning our authentic self is living a life that is purposeful to us.

What are you passionate about?

What makes you stand up and shout ‘YES!’ And at the end of the day, what gives you a sense of accomplishment that you have made a difference in some small or big way?

These are the activities you should pursue and fill your days with.

Many people live their lives regretting that they didn’t do something that they had always dreamed they’d want to do.

What is stopping you? I say go out and do your dream – make it your reality.

I challenge you to draw a circle and divide it up by where you spend your time each day – how much of your 24 hour day is spent sleeping, working, with family, with friends, exercising, meditation/spiritual, etc…

Are you happy with how you are spending your time?

Are you focusing on what’s important to you?

Are you maintaining a healthy balance?

So many times we let life have its way with us instead of managing what’s important to us. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day activities and lose sight of what is truly important.

I made a shift in my life a couple of years ago after making this very same assessment. I was not balanced in what was important to me. I was not spending any time on my health/fitness, I wasn’t sleeping enough, and my health was suffering as a result. My personal life was non-existant, and I was depressed, sick and lonely.

I carefully looked at what I was going to keep pursuing in life by what was purposeful and what I had passion about.

I slowly began to regain some balance in my daily life. I embarked on an exercise regimen that allowed  me to regain some control over my health. I began to eat healthy food that fed my body the nutrients that it needed. My sleep improved and so did my attitude.

I wake up every day determined that every moment will be meaningful and the work I do will matter. I take time to ponder and pray every day. I express gratitude for my blessings.

I make sure to remember that my children need me to be a good provider, but that it is equally important to them that I am also a good listener. They need my love and attention every bit as much as they need food andBamboo/Copper Meditation Wall shelter.

It was not an easy shift to make. In fact, it took me nearly two years to make it, but the rewards to my life since I have found more balance has been beyond my expectations.

It is magical to take your passion and sense of purpose and focus your work in that direction. The possibilities and opportunities are endless!

I create magical spaces for people to live in. What magical gift can you share with the world if you could learn to just accept who you are, and embrace that person.

What magic could you bring to your work environment if you had the ability to accept everyone unconditionally?

Acceptance is really the greatest gift of love we can ever give to another human being.

So make a committment to stop judging, and start accepting.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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