Care Packages For Christmas Campaign

The picture to the left is a copy of the flyer that has been sent to all the students in the Emery County School District.

We are asking for donations to help us in getting Christmas to the Troops that will be away from home this Christmas.

We are looking for the following items to be donated.

1: Personal Hygiene items, small travel sizes

2: Postal supplies

3: zip lock baggies, any sizeCare Packages for Christmas

4: Commercially sealed food items such as:  gum, laffy-taffy, tootsie rolls, starbust, snack size candy bars, etc.

Fruit snacks, granola bars, protien bars, cereal bars, etc.

Individually wrapped cookies, brownies, cakes,                                                  etc.                                                                                                                                               Snack size individually wrapped crackers, chips,                                                etc.

Beef Jerkey.


Lets make sure that our Troops have a great Christmas and know that the people in Carbon and Emery Counties are grateful for their sacrifices.


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