UN-attachment…the Secret to LIFE

“It costs too much to be a full human being that there are very few who have the courage to pay the price. One has to abandon altogether the search for security and reach out to the risk of living with both arms. One has to embrace life-like a lover.”
Morris West.


Today I want to write about the things in life that we ATTACH ourselves to, and why letting go of those attachments can set your life on FIRE!

Like many fairy tale stories, the tale of Rapunzel has a deeper meaning to it.

It is really a story about self-image.

She is a young lady, locked in a tower, imprisoned by a witch who constantly tells her how ugly she is.

One day a handsome prince passes the tower and tells her how lovely she is. So she lets down her hair so he can climb it and rescue her.

It is neither the castle or the witch that has kept her a prisoner, but the belief in her own ugliness.

Once she recognized her beauty, reflected in the face of the Prince, she recognizes the fact that she can be set free.

We all hold ourselves prisoner by allowing the “witch” inside our minds to hold us prisoner.

We allow people or situations to “contain” us for fear that if we move outside of the box they are holding us in, we might fail… at least inside this box, we have some predictability. This is the lie that hold us prisoner.


What if, you let go of your attachment to predictability and gave fate a chance?

Our happiness and our free self-expression is much more assured if we can let go of end results; work toward our goals and NOT be imprisoned by them.

We love the people who are the least concerned about making an impression. They have let go of any desperation for affection, so they can now automatically have that very thing; affection!

People who make lots of money have usually started to make that money when they stopped WORKING for it! In other words, they find something they love to do and devote their attention to that thing, and the money begins to flow automatically.

Brenda and I are seeing this in our painting business.

Once we decided to let go of the fear that people would laugh at us, or that we would fail…once we “killed the witch inside our head, Humpty Dumpty Mural magic began to make us money, and continues to grow rapidly.

In a sense we need to be able to live without something in order to have it. Once we can let go, we place ourselves in a position of great power. Successful businessmen have counseled for years that the secret to securing that BIG DEAL is to release the deal- to become totally un-attached.

Once we have done the work, whether it is work on ourself image, on our family, on our career, our love life, whatever..it is time to relax, and just let the results happen in their own time.

You need to trust and have faith!

If you go out and plant a tomato crop, and then keep digging up the seeds every twenty minutes to see if they are doing their “THING”  you will NEVER get to sit and enjoy a ripe, juicy, red tomato fresh off the vine.

We all need to learn to relax a while. Let nature take its course.

Things change.

Life is dynamic.

That is what makes it so beautiful and also so unpredictable.

Let change prod you into action.

Do all the work necessary, and then RELAX!


“You are a part of the universe, no less than the stars and trees, and you have a right to be here. And whether it is clear to you or not, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should”  Desiderata

Life in itself has no real value.

Just because you are here does not mean that our lives have any value.

Ultimately, only we decide whether our Time here on Earth will be a time of joy, or whether we will be trapped in the tower our whole life.

We get to choose to either allow the witch inside our own mind to convince us that we deserve to be trapped and then go on miserably living our lives alone and isolated.


If we are going to let down our hair.

See our greatness reflected in the faces of our loved ones, our Savior, and ourselves, and set ourselves free.

So in conclusion, I just want to remind you that, life was not intended to be easy.

Struggle is the only way to grow. You can’t build a muscle until you put it under pressure, and the same is true of our mentality.

In loving and caring we risk. Telling another person , “I love you” can be risky business, but the rewards can be fantastic.

Being different is risky. But, it can also mean that you can be yourself.

The dangerous and difficult occupations are well rewarded. In fact, the universe is continually encouraging us to stretch, to climb, to be extraordinary!

To gain, we must risk.

To learn to walk, we must risk falling and getting hurt.

To make a dollar we must risk losing it, and the people who make the most, risk the most.

To have a chance of winning the race, we must also risk losing it..

We really do have a choice in life…

Stay in the tower…

100_0748or let our hair down!

Life itself is a risk…so lets all go out there today, give thanks for all our blessings, and climb out on that limb and pick some fruit!

God Bless you this Thanksgiving.


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