You are NEVER alone…the true Christmas message.

I am going to end the month with a very  personal blog. But I want to share it because today is the first day of December and the beginning of the Christmas season.

In my home we always put up two Christmas trees.  One is a tree that represents the true meaning of Christmas, the Nativity.  The second is our traditional Christmas tree.

The first tree NEVER has any gifts under it. The gift is on the tree itself; The Nativity! We decorate the tree with snowflakes that each have one of the many names that the Savior is known by in the Bible. The gift was the justice of God. He came here so that he could take upon himself my personal sins, so that I may once again be face to face with God when I die.

The second tree, is decorated with snowmen, and colored lights. This is the tree that Santa put the gifts under.

Both messages are important, both have meaning and purpose.

Life itself is filled with dual nativity pic for blogmeanings, dual- purposes, and mixed messages.

I used to live life in a very negative mindset, never once recognizing all the blessings I was surrounded by.

That was my duality then, but now its is a lot different.  

I have learned the importance of starting each morning off by being grateful for waking up.

I say “thank you” for all the stuff I currently have and expect to receive in the future.

I focus on all the things I love and how they make me feel.

I am careful and have learned the importance of watching what I think and say because I know that my words will become my reality.

I am a survivor of a few of life’s most horrible crimes and I was very bitter and angry for a long time.

I had constant negative thoughts and fears that plagued my success.

I did not realize God had spared my life through all those situations so I could be a positive light and testimony for someone else going through a tough time.

Which is where the REAL gift of Christmas came into my life. Gods Grace!

I learned to change the way I felt about life and myself by just focusing on the things I love and appreciate, instead of dwelling on what I did not love or did not have.

I found, as a single parent, it’s tough sometimes to balance all you have to do like bills, kids, work, school, etc.

Sometimes life feels unbearable and unfair but you are not alone and you can’t give up.

God is with you always and if you just ask for the help and strength He will give it to you if you believe.

Make a list of all your goals, revisit the list daily and pray over the list. I promise you will notice some of the items on your list are being provided, slowly but surely.

I found my true worth by learning to love and respect myself because if you don’t love you, no one else can love you.

I also learned to stop chasing down love or a relationship. If you are single, take the time to prepare yourself for that special someone. That means making sure you don’t have excess baggage. This means making sure that you’re emotionally and physically prepared and not holding on to your past. That means you become emotionally self-contained so that when you cross paths with that special person, you are the kind of quality person that he would want to share a future with.

Keep in mind, if you have been single for a while and you’re ready for that special someone but are having trouble finding him or her, God also has to prepare your mate for you. You don’t want to meet them not prepared for a relationship because then you’ll end up hurt all over again. So patience is the key.

I have been waiting a really long time to find the man I have been praying for.

Longing for…

I am happy to say, I finally found him. And he was worth the wait! He is everything I prayed for, and more.

Look at life in a positive way because you are beautiful, intelligent, full of love and compassion, and you don’t have to settle for anything but the best!

You are destined for greatness and greatness is not easy to come by.

You are worthy and highly favored in God’s sight so let everyone see the awesome person inside.

I believe through positive thinking and hard work nothing is impossible.

I make a point daily to help someone else in any way possible. It can be something really simple like helping an elderly man or woman in the grocery store with their groceries.

I know I would not be here today if people were not willing to help me when I was homeless and hopeless.

So I find joy in helping others. I follow the Golden Rule because I know God is constantly watching our behaviors.

Do something positive, daring and spectacular that you always wanted to do but were too sacred to do. You only live once!

Please stay encouraged and prayerful and you too will see that you are worth a million dollars!

The true gift of Christmas is the fact that no matter what we are facing in life, good or bad…we are NEVER, EVER, alone during our life. God sent his only begotten son to Earth to save us from ourselves.

Lets take time each day this month to attempt to see Gods hand in our lives.

Notice the prayers that get answered.

The desires that are fulfilled.

The sunrise, and sunsets.

The frost PERFECTLY highlighting the world, and all its varied shapes and textures.

Open your heart and your eyes and see the Gift of Christmas.


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