Joy comes from Sercive to others.


After one too many Black Friday Sales…

the Grinch ended up with his heart two sizes too small.

Luckily, you don’t have to.

Because even Mr. Grinch… the mean one, the one as cuddly as a cactus… was able to change.

Even Grinch, during the holidays, was able to open his heart—

He opened it up so big that it busted right out of his chest.

The secret? He started giving.

He started giving to others…

and in the end, he returned the tree, the toys, why… even the roast beast to all the lovely Who’s of Whoville, as they sang their Who song.

What happened to him?

As you’ll notice, the reason for the Grinch’s new attitude was the same reason that Santa is always so jolly—

he spends his time, every single day of the year, 24/7, directing the elves to make gifts for other people.

Nope, you won’t find Santa skulking around Black Friday sales, hoping to beat out everyone else for the best deals.

Instead, he concentrates on giving all year round. 

It’s that giving that puts those merry dimples in his cheeks!

We sometimes forget that the joy is in the giving—not the getting.

That joy—connection and love combined—is its own feeling, separate entirely from material possessions, having and hoarding of “stuff”.

I often find myself acting more like the Grinch, than Santa during the holiday madness.

But, when I catch myself falling into the Grinch mindset, I immediately stop whatever I am doing and go do something nice for someone.

Giving really is the best way to kill the Grinch attitude.

And right now, you still have time to bring some of this joy into your own holiday, by planning some acts of service before the New Year’s ball drops.

When we give to others, we give to our selves.

When Brenda and I decided to organize the “Care Packages for Christmas Campaign”, our decision was coming from a place of extreme frustration over the way the politicians are treating our Military members.

We decided that the best way to handle our frustrations was not to rant and rave about the stupidity of our government, but rather to send a gift of love and gratitude to the Troops serving abroad during the Christmas Season.

When we choose the higher emotions over the lower ones, we really are doing more to solve the problems of this world than we will ever comprehend.

From a spiritual perspective, the act of service to others, works because we are all One.

When we tend to the least of us, we tend to the all of us.

When we bestow gifts, friendship or help to another, this is the same as bestowing it upon ourselves.

None of us are separate.

Acts of service allows us to give freely from our selves, and in doing so, we become aware of our infinite and endless connection as souls.

The Grinch busts the myth of scarcity

“But I don’t have enough for myself,” you might say.

“I’m struggling to make it as it is.”

The Grinch busted through this myth, by understanding that abundance—true abundance—is not found in material STUFF, but in the opening of our hearts into compassion, connection and love.

As a single mother of four children, we really do go without a lot of things.

It would be really easy for me to get depressed and feel wronged. But, I choose not to live my life that way.

Because, yes we don’t have everything, but we have an ABUNDANCE of the things that really matter.

We are a very close family.

We are surrounded by amazing friends and extended family.

We live in small community where we are always looked out for.

We are LOVED.

Being of service to those you love, those you don’t even know—and even those you might not be too fond of…. well, it opens your heart. On an energetic and spiritual level, there’s nothing quite like it.

This season, be a Grinch.

Not the dour, miserable version.

But the tree-hustling, roast-beast carving, present-returning Grinch of your true heart.

Give to someone you know, someone you don’t know, even someone you don’t like. 

Notice how your heart busts right out of your body.

I would love to hear stories of service that you have given or received in the comment section of this Blog.

Please share your stories with all of us and help spread the spirit of giving this holiday season.

whoville mural idea 2


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