Ah! Christmas, the biggest holiday of the year.

Christmas has both a strong religious and traditional meaning and roots.

It is a time of family and giving.

It is truly a time that comes but once a year. Christmas is celebrated in most countries around the world!

Christmas is steeped in tradition, like no other event.

Each and every family has their own specific traditions. We have to stick to our family traditions, no matter how tired we are….no matter how busy our schedule.

Without them, it’s not Christmas at all.

What are the traditions in your family that you just cannot seem to let go of?

I thought it would be really fun today to just research the origins of a few of  the most common traditions and post them today.

According to my research…which was not very extensive at all, mostly I asked the ladies that I work with what their top 5 traditions were and here is the list that I came up with.. 

Mistletoe, an international sign of peace, goodwill and….love.

One of the favorite traditions of young lovers is the kiss under the Mistletoe. But first, you have to get some.

Okay guys, it’s time to get your shotgun and bag some Mistletoe.

Christmas Bells The roots of bell ringing goes back to ancient pagan winter festivals. At the time, bells were rung to ward off evil spirits.

But, apparently bells were too much fun to be limited to warding off spirits.

Yule Log The tradition of burning the Yule log is steeped in tradition. While many holiday songs herald the traditions of the Yule Log, not too many families carry on the tradition in today’s society. It’s roots run deep in European culture over 1000 years ago.

So, come on baby, light my fire!

Cookies- High in calories, high in fat, high in cholesterol. There is nothing better than homemade Christmas cookies for the holidays. This one is definitely a “family affair”. Cookies in all shapes and sizes, and no shortage of recipes. As a matter of fact, the more variety, the better. In many families, the best are ones the whole family can participate in.Among the favorites are cutouts. The kids can use a variety of cutouts and after they are baked shake on the colored sugars.

Cookies are the perfect thing to keep Santa Claus fat and happy!

Christmas Trees The  tradition of using Christmas trees began in Germany. German immigrants brought the tradition with them to America. Decorations included popcorn strings and lighted candles. Those candles were indeed dangerous and the cause of many Christmas tree fires.

Finding the perfect Christmas tree  -For many families, finding the perfect tree is a tradition all to itself. Like millions of others, they shun the ease of an artificial tree and do it the hard (fun) way. Neither wind, nor sleet, nor rain , nor hail, nor mud(!!!) will keep them from trudging through one tree farm after another in search for that perfect size and shape.

The bigger, the better to clutter the room with, my dear

So there are the top 5 from my extensive research.

So here are a few more tid-bits to entertain you today…

When do you open your presents? The majority of families mural brochure2 091find their presents under the tree on Christmas morning. And, the stockings hung last night by the chimney with  care, are now carefully placed by the fireside by Santa, as he stuffed them too full of goodies to hang. In other families, Saint Nick comes on Christmas Eve. He usually sneaks in while the family is having dinner.

I would love to hear what your tradition is. In my family we open 1 gift on Christmas eve, and the rest the next morning.

Did you know? In some families it is traditional to wrap presents. But, not all families. Some family traditions have unwrapped presents in groups around or under the tree.

Santa knows which families prefer unwrapped presents.

It actually makes it easier for his elves…thats why at my house, they are just placed in piles and not wrapped.

Fruitcake What’s that you say fruitcake?

Do people really eat it, or is it some form of holiday  paperweight?

Well, I hope you had fun today with my insightful research into the traditions of Christmas.

I would love to hear what your favorites are, and how your families celebrate the Holiday.


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