Time…is there ever enough?

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresea, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” 

–Life’s Little Instruction

So today I am obviously going to write about something that is Image027on everyone’s mind these days…TIME!

Everywhere you go you can overhear people discussing the lack of time.

How time is flying by.

Time is speeding up…etc.

What is up with this?

Is time speeding up?

Are there really fewer hours in the day than there used to be?

or…do we just waste more of it?

How many hours of your day are spent with your face buried in some electronic device?

Most of the time when I log onto my favorite website… Pinterest, I usually get so absorbed in all the crafts, and recipes, and quotes that I will  literally lose several hours without even realizing it.

I spend so much time admiring the VIRTUAL foods, that I now don’t have the time to enjoy the REAL food.

How many hours a day do you LOSE to the electronic world?

Our lives are a gift. A very precious and irreplaceable gift. 

We need to start remembering this before we choose to waste it on an inanimate object that can never give or receive our love, appreciate our talents, or express appreciation.

I have been labeled as a hyper person. I am told frequently that I don’t know how to sit still.

Both of those statement are true. But not for the reason people think.

I am asked often how is it possible that I can get more done in one day than most people can do in an entire week.

I am always busy




because I love life.

I want to squeeze as much joy and pleasure out of each and every moment that I am given on this Earth.

I want to leave this life with as much knowledge and experience as I possibly can.

I don’t get a lot done because I am more organized, or more energetic than other people, I get more done because I thrive on the feelings of creativity, and accomplishment.

One of the little mind tricks that I employ to keep me motivated is to try to find moments of joy in the most mundane tasks.

If you are looking for joy, you can find it EVERYWHERE!

Have you ever considered this before.

Searching for joy in everyday things.

Boring things.

Ugly things.

Painful things.

Is that even possible…

I say YES, it is extremely possible.

Here is all you need to do;

Today is a fresh brand new day. Twenty four hours to do whatever your heart desires!

Start with creating your very own Joy.

Let go of the same old same old and do something new by devoting this day to your joyful self.

Even at work where same old same old is the order of the day, try seeing it from a different perspective.

As a custodian in an Elementary school, especially during the flu season, it can be a challenge to find joy in my work…(if you know what I mean!)

But even when cleaning up after a sick child, I have learned to find joy in the act of service that I am engaged in.

If I did not do my job, there would be three times as many sick kids running around, so I find joy in the cleaning.

What is it that would make your heart sing out loud today?

For the next 24 hours be different, be daring – you can always go back to your old self tomorrow if you really want to.

Do not – I repeat – do not bring guilt, fear, worry, doubt or judgment along for the ride.

These guys are hardcore party poopers and they will ruin the Joy in your day.

If you see “should” trying to get your attention, wanting to tag along – look away!

Hopefully all those old negative thoughts in your mind will all feel so rejected they won’t even be there when you get back.

Bring Great Expectations, Courage, Confidence, Fun, Freedom and Happiness with you.

They’re always up for a party and I guarantee you’ll have the time of your life.

At the end of your day of experimenting with JOY, feel free to invite them in to stay for a while.

Oh I know some of you are saying, “What if people think I’m crazy?”

Smile at them and say, “I’m not crazy, this is what Joy looks like.”

If anyone else you know has any negative comments, who cares, simply look at them and delete.

When you make this mindset a habit, you will defiantly attract attention to yourself…I promise!

Some of the attention will be great.

People will admire how much you are able to accomplish in a day.

They will admire your happy demeanor.

They will find themselves magically drawn to you.


you will also attract the attention of the “Life-is-meant-to-be-hard” crowd and they are the ones who will try to kill your joy.


I am serious, literally walk away from them.

Don’t even humor them with a comment.

Whenever I am faced with this kind of person, I look them right in they eyes, smile, and then SILENTLY walk away from them and leave them just standing there wondering what they said that made me smile.

Trust me…this is LOTS more fun than standing there and allowing them to kill your joy.

leave them where you found them…dazed and confused.

If you want to… allow yourself the pleasure of turning around to look at the confusion on their face.

They won’t know how to take your reaction.

They have grown accustomed to being allowed to criticize people…

they probably will have never had anyone just smile at them like they were the crazy one before.

And they have defiantly never had anyone just walk away and leave them standing there talking to themselves.

It really is OK to refuse to allow people to treat you badly. You really DO have the right to walk away from them.

If they have the right to be cruel… you have the right to your JOY!

I want to challenge you to wake up tomorrow and make it your very first JOY DAY.

See how many things that you do every day that go un-noticed, or un-appreciated… and notice and appreciate them.

Tell your family how much happiness they bring to your life.

Hug your sweety like this will be the last time you will get the chance.

At work, do your job with a JOYFUL attitude.

Once you start to live life from this perspective, you will probably never want to go back to the old way of living…

Life is a gift that is meant to be enjoyed.


So here’s to your JOY!



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