Your Compassion has filled my heart.

“The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another.”

Thomas Merton


Today I am going to brag about the people of Emery County and their amazing generosity.

On Veterans Day this year I announced that Brenda and I were going to organize a “Care Packages for Christmas Campaign” 

I gave a speech to the veterans, students, faculty, and several other members of the community during the Veterans day Program at Cleveland Elementary.

At the conclusion of my speech I asked for donations of Hygiene items, Postal Supplies, and commercially sealed food items that could be shipped to the Troops from our area that would be serving our Country during Christmas, and would not be home with their families.

Brenda and I then met with the superintendent of Emery County School District and the 10 principals in the district. We asked them to support our efforts by having the students in each school collect these items for the Troops.

We also enlisted the help of a senior, Hayden Johnson, who was already doing a project for his sterling scholarship to get Christmas Cards for the Troops.

We combined both projects into one, so that along with the gift items, we would include a Handmade Christmas Card as well.

KUSA in Price donated the air time to make a Public Service Announcement for us to help us reach an even wider audience to obtain the needed items.

We only had 2 weeks to organize this entire effort. We needed to have all items collected by Dec.6, 2013, so we could get them mailed early enough to ensure that the packages would be to the Troops before Christmas.

Brenda and I hoped and prayed that we would be able to collect enough items to send to the 57 soldiers from our county.

But given the short time line we had to work with, we were not sure we would have enough to send to everyone.

Yesterday, I went to the schools to gather up the items, and my heart nearly exploded with Gratitude!

Not only did we have enough to send to our 57 soldiers,  we had enough to send to 375 Soldiers.

Yesterday, with the help of the Scouts from Pack 302 in Cleveland, we put together 375 gift bags for the Soldiers and each bag had a handmade card to go along with it.

I was reminded once again of what an incredible gift it is to be a resident of Emery County.

We are surrounded by people who understand what it means to be part of a community.

In Emery County the median income is only $55,400.00, and yet, the generosity of our residents is mindblowing.

Whenever there is a person in need, all it takes is to get the word out, and the entire community willingly rallies around the family in need and does whatever is necessary to take care of them.

I have witnessed such kindness and compassion amongst the people here.

I can honestly say with PRIDE that we have here in our little communities some of the greatest people on Earth!

The generosity of my community during this Campaign led me ask a question,

“Why is it that those with the least, give the most?”

Is it because they know what it feels like to have a need that cannot be filled?

Is it because when there is little money to create happiness, we find it in other ways?

What is it that causes this level of compassion amongst people with so little to spare?

I believe the answer lies in the quote that I posted at the beginning of this blog.

I truly believe that the residents of Emery County genuinely care about one another.

We genuinely love each other.

We know that it is our responsibility to care for the needs of our neighbors.

I just want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who donated to the 


You made it a HUGE success.

The Troops will know that in this small little county of ours, there are people with ENORMOUS hearts!

They will feel the respect and gratitude that we have for them.

And know that we appreciate the difficult job that they willing to do to ensure our freedoms.

Thanks again Emery County. I am proud to call you HOME!care packages for christmas campaign 2013 003


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