The Greatest Revelation

Never Forget To Live.

The greatest revelation you can have is that you live life once.

I have made this statement many times, and received many different reactions.

Most people consider that a trite saying, instantly dismissing it and in doing so, negating a powerful tool for radical transformation.

Never ever simply “get used” to the fact that you are alive. 

Never ever just simply exist on earth because then you will miss the chance to truly live.

Life is a precious gift:

wear this truth around your neck like a scarf, every single day.

Keep this truth on your lips, in your mind, and in your heart, in every situation you encounter and in every conversation that takes place.

With this shift in your attitude you will have the ability to truthfully see into the souls of others and in doing so, you’ll view anger as a protection and blame as a coat with which to cover up hurt.

You will see real meaning and deeper truths and no longer respond with cross words, but with bursts of compassionate words that bring healing, comfort and transformation.

For this is your purpose.

The world owes you nothing.

You were not created to be a drain on society, to take, to keep, and to squander.

You exist for a purpose – your purpose is contribution.

Quit telling yourself your ‘woe is me’ story that drains your mind, energy and conversation.

Here is the truth: No one cares.

The more you wallow, the less of a chance you have of experiencing the real, beautiful, intangible joy that comes from living life for real.

I always tell my four children that the world consists of two personality types.

That’s right, just two.

Victims and Survivors!

Victims suck the life right out of everyone they encounter.

Survivors inspire people with their courage and humor.

Everything that you see around you – that you can feel, touch or use was first created in the minds of those who believed that these things could be.

Stop camera download 1691complaining about the way that your life is.

Instead, start visualising what it could be, and begin to instead dwell upon your dreams.

Once you learn to do this,you will have engaged with the power to become anything you can imagine.

You exist to give, to contribute in abundance. When you do so, you will experience the secret gift of giving.

The world has its problems.

Oftentimes the horrors and atrocities that we see on our screens become too hard to bear and that is when we develop what I like to call,  “compassion fatigue”

This is when we block these harsh images from our mind, never allowing them to penetrate our heart.

To truly make a difference, start changing your own life – be the best, the biggest, the highest self.

The overflow of your own change will be like a bubbling brook soaking itself upon those around you, powerfully impacting your community.

Your community is the place that you should start, to give, to change, to hope, to love and as you do – you really will start to change the world.

I began to learn this powerful lesson this summer when Brenda and I decided to organize a fitness challenge for the people of our community. This one decision to help the people in our own little community has radically changed both of our lives in ways we could never have imagined. By choosing to help others, we also chose to help ourselves.

Throw off your guilt.

Discard it like the day’s trash: it serves no purpose.

Most of all understand this:

You are beautiful.

Allow this truth to sink in to your body, mind, and spirit.

Allow it to flow through your veins touching every organ, every tissue, every sinew, filling you with energy and power as it flows.

There is absolutely nothing you can do that will ever take away from the beauty that is you.

Do not let others tell you any other truth!

Do not let your mind force you to believe any other lie.

Do not allow any wrong previous acts to fill you with guilt.

No matter what you do, you remain beautiful.

I painted a picture that hangs on a prominent wall in my home. The picture is of a cross, that I decorated with beads. I painted both my favorite scripture reference, and a quote that I love on the painting to remind me that I am beautiful in the eyes of the Lord…and that is all that really matters.

The quote on my painting says this,

” I may not be perfect, but God thinks I am to die for.”  The scripture reference is (John 3:16)

This painting is a beautiful reminder to never again let anyone tell me I am worthless.

Because the truth is I am beautiful, and so are you!

We are all beautiful works of art, constantly changing and evolving into the masterpiece we were born to become.

You only get one life, so make it a beautiful one.


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