In 2013 I became a GOAL-GETTER…not just a GOAL-SETTER

As 2013 is in its final days, I have been thinking a lot about all the ways my life has changed this year.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the goals that I began this year with.

Did I accomplish the things that I promised myself that I would on New Years Day last year?

I began 2013 overweight, tired, and pretty overwhelmed.

So obviously, I made the goal to get in shape, eat healthy, blah blah blah…DSC04546e(8X10) DSC04660

But by the end of the 2nd week of January, I was back to my old habits. I was once again treating myself like a vending machine, not sleeping well, never exercising, and taking care of everyone but Melanie.

It all caught up with me in February.

My health hit the proverbial “BRICK WALL.”

I either had to stick to the goals I had set, or spend the rest of my life as a diabetic.

I chose to get serious about my health.

I decided to start walking at least a mile every day.

I did that, consistently, and it felt so good that I decided maybe I could start walking 2 miles every day.

I also began working with a company that supports your nutritional needs, and teaches you how to eat properly.

The weight started to come off, FAST!

I set the goal to run a 5K.

So I began to train for that.

My first 5k was a color run that my hometown sponsored for the 4th of July. I alternated between walking and running. It was a lot harder than I expected it to be. My legs felt like lead poles, my mouth was filled with cotton, I wanted to give up!

I slowed down, ready to quit, when my friend tapped me on the shoulder and said, ” Lets finish this, were almost done and if we stick together we can help each other get across that finish line.”

Before I knew it, we were joined by two more of my good friends.

Suddenly the fatigue melted away and I started to actually enjoy the experience. We were all laughing at how old and out of shape we had become. But the best part was that we vowed to run more races together this summer, and we DID!

I not only ended up running in additional races, but even worked with Brenda and together we organized the first Zombie Fun Run in our area.

As I have been thinking about life this past year, I realized that life is a lot like my first race.

It is unpredictable.

Even with planning and preparation, obstacles can throw you off course and make you feel as if failure is imminent.

But my first 5K experience taught me three very important lessons:

First one is to get ahead you have to silence your inner critic. Stay away from negative thoughts, people, and activities. Avoid them like you would a toxic waste dump. Instead of saying, ” I can’t” encourage yourself and say, ” I can do this one step at a time.”

Second, let your past help you ensure future success. I went to my next race with a lot tougher mind-set. I was better prepared. I knew what to expect. I knew I COULD finish the race. I was willing to embrace the challenge rather than push it away.

Third is to surround yourself with friends. Just like my friends were able to make me forget the lead in my legs and the cotton in my mouth, they can do the same for you in your everyday life. When you surround yourself with like-minded individuals you are more likely to succeed. Chase after the person in front of you, and always be willing to reach out and help others finish their race too.

This year, I accomplished things that I never even dreamed were possible for me.

It all started with the decision to LOVE myself enough to take care of my body. When I did that, it was almost as if the universe gave me a BIG HIGH FIVE! Things just magically started lining up for me.

Our painting business got some exposure when we were willing to organize the Zombie Fun Run.

We made some really great connections during that experience that led to even more exposure for Humpty Dumpty Mural Magic.

We became friends with the local Radio Personality and that friendship allowed us to meet the manager of the radio station, who liked our work so much that she offered us the chance of a lifetime and asked us to decorate for the annual Halloween Ball that benefitted the children in our area.

That led to even more exposure and recognition.

During the Halloween event we worked with and met some influential people in the community who loved the decorations and the mural we had painted, and they asked us to work with them again in the future.

We were given air time on the radio to advertise our painting business,

Which has led to even more exposure and recognition.

Looking back over this year I am beginning to realize that when you set goals and stick to them, you empower your life in all areas, not just the area of the goal.

So I would encourage you to set goals for yourself.

Love yourself enough to choose one area of your life to work on.

Dedicate yourself to improving that area with your whole heart.

As you work to identify your Bucket List of goals for 2014, be
sure to remember that there is no purer form of success, no more
exact and demanding test of what you are capable of, then to set
a challenging goal and find joy in the capacity to meet it.

While we all have different goals and aspirations, we all love and
benefit from a challenge-something that inspires us to reach the peak
of our potential,

jailbreaks us from our comfort zone,

and transforms us into a better, far more capable version of ourselves.

The ultimate reason anyone has for setting a goal is to entice ourselves to become the person we know we can be.


…is so much more than a thought in your head. It’s a profound
message about who you are and what you are capable of achieving.

IT IS imperative that you accept this reality: when you rise to meet
the mental rigors and physical demands of a challenging goal, you
will never be the same again.

You either cope or crumble.

You become better or bitter.

You emerge stronger or weaker.

It has to be this way, as a challenging goal exists to test your
limits, to push you beyond the breaking point, and to separate
you from the herd.

You’ll never know the full measure of your potential until you are

You can never be sure whether you’ll step up or falter in any
given situation.

Passing the tests presented by a challenging goal proves that you are
tougher, more resilient, and far more capable than you ever imagined.

As I bid 2013 farewell, I have to spend a few minutes to thank the people who have reached out a helping hand to make sure that I finished the “RACE”. The friends and family that never let me quit. The new friends I have made that have opened up a whole new world for me.

First I want to thank my parents. They are the best parents any girl could have. They are my foundation, without them I would surely crumble.

I need to thank my business partner, my very dear friend, Brenda. She is the best co-captain in the world. She is always there to help me with anything. I call her to help the kids with homework, to listen to my worries, or even help me balance my finances. I couldn’t do my life without her love and support.

I need to thank my kids. I have four of the best kids anyone could ever ask for. They love me. They respect me. They make me laugh. They push me out of my comfort zone and show me how strong I really am. They are my heart and soul. They are my EVERYTHING!

I also want to thank Jeff. We went to school together, but never even spoke. Over 20 yrs later our paths crossed again. He is showing me that taking a chance on love is worth the risks. He has opened up my heart again, which is a pretty amazing thing. It had been broken so many times, I thought it was beyond repair. But thanks to him, It is healing. So thanks Jeff for your friendship, for your love, and most of all thank you for your amazing hugs.

And finally, I want to say thank you to all the new friends that I have been blessed with in 2013. You have made this year one of the funnest years yet.

I am so excited to see where 2014 will lead.

I am ready for anything 2014 can give me.

I finished the race that I set our to finish in 2013, and am looking forward to all the new races that 2014 will bring!



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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