What Ever! The most popular catch phrase.

perfect life










Do you live in a world all your own?

Society today reflects the culture’s craving for a designer world.

Everyone believes they should have the right to live in a world created just for them, a world that suits their every whim.

We all want things to go our way, according to our own timeline, and at the pace of our own choosing.

We want designer clothes,

designer technology,

designer homes and cars,

and even designer religion.








We want either to simply belong to something, or belong our own way.

We don’t want to have to put any effort into our designer life. We just want it to appear.

This is the reason we are all trying to find the perfect clubs, gangs or even churches.

During a conversation with Harvard University President, Billy Graham asked him, ” What appears to be the thing that young people are looking for the most?”

Without hesitation, he replied, “They want to belong.”

When I read the article about this conversation it struck me as coincidental that Facebook, our 21st century obsession, was conceived and given a birth at Harvard.






Facebook taps into our need to belong.

In October 2012, Forbes reported that Facebook had topped a billion users.

That means that one out of every seven humans alive right now uses Facebook.

The most used feature on Facebook is the “friend” and “unfriend” feature.  This must tap into our need to prove our worth somehow.

Social media has become something like a personal billboard, where our most intimate thoughts can be posted in cyberspace.

Where we can open up our thoughts and never have to directly “SEE” the result of our words.

For me personally, I know that is it far easier for me to type my thoughts and feelings on my BLOG then it would ever be to have this conversation in person.

Typing allows me the time to organize my thoughts into a logical order, and to make sure that I don’t sound like an idiot before I publish them.

As humans, we have been on a quest for truth and acceptance since time began.









I never really felt accepted until I re-aligned my life with the Lord.

USA Today recently featured a story about young adults and their changing attitudes about their Faith: ” Young adults appear largely uninterested in…’correct doctrine’…their God is a big God unbound by scripture…clergy are seeing less emphasis on believing and more on belonging.”

We are seeing advertising agencies that are targeting religion and teaching the clergy how to “attract” members.

They have even started to advocate that churches become the NEW meeting place for singles.

WHATEVER”  has become a mantra for many, a trendy approach to a lifestyle where we worship at the feet of the God of Self. 








In this rush to design the perfect life for ourselves, are we forgetting the one who ACTUALLY designed life for us?

He custom tailored a life that was perfectly unique to each and every one of us.

More and more, I see society as a whole setting aside the qualities of decent human beings and replacing them with an attitude of  SO-WHAT!

We no longer hold ourselves up to the standards of Honesty,



Hard work,


These values have been labeled as RELIGIOUS, and are therefore seen as restricting.

This is a confusing and heartbreaking trend to me.

The values I just listed have absolutely NOTHING what-so-ever to do with religion.

They are the values that any decent human being possesses.










Do you want to align your life with a thief?

What about an habitual liar?

Or would you trust your home and children to a person lacking in integrity and loyalty?

NO…of course you wouldn’t, so why are we allowing these very values to be set aside and to be replaced with the attitude of  WHATEVER!

As I listen to the news, and read the posts and blogs on the internet, I am beginning to wonder if traditional religions are being replaced with designer ones that teach the, “one-person-one-religion trend where the only person we are accountable is ourselves.

My ex-husband, like so many others out there believe that his children are there for his convenience.

When He gets lonely… He wants to see them, but he never worries if they are lonely for him.

He refuses to get a job, because they would take part of HIS money to pay for their care.

He only worries about his needs, not the needs of the children he fathered.

He has no influence on them, in fact it has been years since he has even seen them.

My youngest child cannot even remember what he looks like.

This is a common trend in our society.


Where did the values that once governed our society go?














The Gospel of Christ has been watered down to a myth, causing young and old to doubt the authority of scripture.

Why is this?

What is happening?

God is no longer viewed as the all-powerful, all-knowing God of the Bible.

Society is doing a great job convincing everyone that Jesus has no power to judge sin.

Our world is only willing to believe in a Social Christ who provides what we want for ourselves.

What the world is objecting to is the truth.

The living Christ.

People in general don’t want to meet the moral conditions that Christ demands.

I know that this all may sound harsh. I don’t mean for it too, but I am seeing so many people hurting and desperate for peace, but running in the wrong direction to find it.

It is like this…

Let’s say, I have a bottle of poison in my house. I don’t want my four children to accidentally digest it, so what do I do?

I bring out the bottle, that I have clearly labeled as POISON…

I show it to them,

I warn them,

Basically I put the fear of God in them in order to protect them from accidentally digesting something that could harm them.










Would the poison be less dangerous if I changed the label?

Would it make them less sick if I gave a soft, gentle, designer warning to them?

Of course not.

Poison is poison. Period!

The trends toward selfishness that surround all of us are poison.

They are the very thing that is undermining our society.

Not the Government.

Not Religion.

Not any number of things that we blame for the mess our society is in.

The poison is in our own need to design a world that fits ourselves.

The very world relationship means, in relation to others.










We are seeking a place to belong, but we want to set aside the very qualities that make people desire our companionship.

I guess the thing that struck me so hard… and is the main reason for this post today is the rise in Gang crimes…gangs are a way to belong.

The rise in teen suicides in children with absentee parents.

The rise in violent crimes where people are just taking what ever they want from whom ever they want.

Our society is going insane because we have swallowed the poison of selfishness.

The laws and commandments were given to us by the designer of this world so that we could enjoy freedom.

ten commandments











It is only inside the laws that ALL MEN can be free, not just a select few, but everyone.

The 10 commandments are not a religious restriction, as they have been called these days, but actually ESTABLISHMENT LAWS, that were given to the Jews to help them create a nation where free people could live together.

The 10 commandments spell out, without question, how citizens of a free society should behave.

And as for the subject of religion.

I would like you to ponder a point.

Religion did not die on the cross to atone for our sins, Christ did.

True Christianity is not religion.

True Christianity is Faith in Christ alone.

Just because you say you’re a Christian doesn’t make you become one.

Christianity is not something you add to your life to design it better.

Christianity means that Jesus Christ is in your heart.

He has been allowed to completely take over your life.

You have let go of the need to design your own life, and have given that power back to him.

It is a totally new outlook that is not satisfied with anything less than total penetration into the deepest recesses of your soul and understanding.

So in order to design the perfect life, we really need to stop saying, “WHATEVER”, and begin to SURRENDER.

The problems in our society would literally disappear if we would stop treating our lives as if they were spectator sports, and actually took the responsibility to practice, train, and compete, as the athletes do.

If we all lived as if we were the “Star of the team” instead of just a spectator, our lives would become rich and beautiful, and we would find ourselves fitting in exactly where we belong.

In conclusion today, I would invite you to read (Colossians 3:10) “Put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him.”




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