Is that REALLY my problem?

Today I want to talk about a habit that I believe most of us share.

It is the strange need we all have to compare ourselves to others, and when we THINK that we are better than them, to then judge them. 

This can quickly spiral out of control and soon we find ourself gossiping and maligning their character.

Where does this need to judge come from?

Do we engage in it out of self-righteousness?

Or are we just afraid to examine our own issues, and find it much easier and far more entertaining to examine the issues of everyone else?

Whatever the reason, however strong the temptation, we all need to stop this destructive habit.

When have you judged someone else and ACTUALLY felt BETTER afterwards?

When has gossiping ever enhanced your personality and made you a more attractive person?

If we are honest with ourselves we will have to admit that NEVER, EVER in the history of humanity has judging and gossiping made us better as a person or more attractive.

The only thing that I personally have ever accomplished by this practice that I will call “DEFLECTING”…is taking my self and my heart away from the Lord.

There are several passages in the bible where we are clearly told that “vengeance is mine” and that gossiping is wrong.

Sin is Sin.


There are no varying degrees according to the Lord.

Any sin, no matter how small takes us out of his fellowship.

Without the filling of his Holy Spirit, we are walking alone.

So, lets re-examine our need to gossip and judge each other.

When we do this, we lose the filling of the Spirit, so we are alone without his presence to guide us.

With that in mind…has there ever been any wrong committed by another person worth this price to yourself?

If the very thing we should all be seeking is fellowship with the Lord, why do we seem to seek his abandonment instead?

Yesterday, I wrote about meditating and detaching from your thoughts and not being carried along by every passing breeze…

If we can learn to control our thoughts when we are meditating, I bet we could also learn to stop our judgemental thoughts as well.

What if instead of worrying so much about what everyone else is doing wrong…we just concentrated on living our own truth.

What if we centered our lives around our own choices and decisions, and granted everyone we met enough respect and privacy to allow them to live their lives according to their own consciences?

Can you imagine the relief you would feel if you stopped believing that you possessed the power to change people’s hearts, and let go of the responsibility you assign to yourself to change people?

I would like to issue a challenge to each one of you today…and especially to myself:

Starting right now lets all commit to practicing the fine art of RESPECT.

Life is a journey in each and every form.

It’s a journey to find yourself and live your truth.

We all find ourselves through growing, learning, educating ourselves, and most importantly, giving all of ourself to the world;

Not in the attempt to destroy other people’s reputations.

Your truth is how you express the perception of the world you hold inside. It is my desire today to remind every one of us that no two people see the world in the exact same way, not even identical twins.

Everyone has something to give, to contribute, to make an impact, and make a difference in the world.

This past year has taught me a very important and valuable lesson about life:

“When I give freely of my time, talents, and resources, I will receive everything I need to live a life of happiness, abundance, and fulfillment.

This is hard.

It has taken, and is still a process for me to learn to get past the desire to be self-serving.

I still instinctively want to hold onto everything for fear that if I share there might not be enough for me.

I am learning to balance my life by taking care of myself but also giving all of myself to serve others.

Today, I want us all to commit to changing our thoughts and taking out the garbage like negativity, selfishness, and judgements.

Negative thoughts are a breeding ground for negative outcomes.

Positive attracts positive.

Have faith in your life and yourself, and stop worrying about what everyone is doing wrong. Those kind of thoughts are TRASH…throw them away!

You must believe fully that you have the power to control your thoughts, and eventually your subconscious will start to take the steps to attract better thoughts. The kind of thoughts that are filled with your dreams and your passions and I bet that once your mind is filled with positive thoughts, you will see the world start to cooperate with you and make your life beautiful.

Don’t worry about making mistakes.

We learn from them. We need to allow everyone the space to make mistakes, because that is where the real learning in life comes from.

Don’t be scared to change.

Maybe the fear of change is why we gossip so much about people. We see them changing and it scares us.

Lets all start trying to turn fear into a tool that represents progress.  When we can acknowledge that change is scary, and when we are feeling afraid, it just may be because we are about to GROW…maybe Fear will begin to lose its hold over us.

Speak with your heart and love fully.

It is impossible to love someone who you are always judging.

So find things to admire instead of criticize in those people who you struggle with daily.

Seek and explore the depths of the Universe that lives inside you. If we start to become acquainted with ourselves, we just might not worry so much about everyone else.

I have found that at those times when I am moving forward in my growth, in my self-education, my search for purpose and fulfillment, I am less prone to the lower thoughts about life and others.

The more we learn about ourselves, the more we grow, and the more we will naturally advance through internal states that help in removing the false screens of perceptions you see. Those very screens that make us prone to gossip.

Always live your truth.

Be honest, authentic, and live with passion.


Give a damn.

It’s about going beyond your ego and choosing to see the truth, that you are connected to everything and everyone.

We are a part of humanity, and for the world to thrive, we need to understand the importance of truly loving and taking care of each other, our environment, our world.

There will only be peace and abundance when we see each other as a part of ourselves.

When we give the Lord the very thing he asks for…

To leave the vengeance to him.

When we can learn to live our truth I believe that we will see BIG changes in the world.

In conclusion, I want to quote Ghandi:

“Be the change you want to see in the World.”

Instead of spending so much time and energy on bitterness and judgement of each other, today, lets commit improving ourselves and leave other people and their problems to themselves.



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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