Healing ONE Mural at a time…share your gifts to overcome adversity

Over the past few years, every one of us has been through some form of adversity.

In fact, many of us have been hit by more than one serious, disruptive challenge.

In this “perfect storm”, everything that we have come to trust and believe about ourselves and our lives has come under some form of attack.

Whether it is an illness,

Loss of job,

Erosion of wealth,



A death in the family.

It seems as though the path on our journey has gotten a little more difficult.

As we stand here looking into the future,

looking for answers,

and looking for direction,

many of us struggle to find passion, energy, and opportunity.

When I got the call seven years ago at work to hurry home, something terrible had happened. My mind raced with the possibilities of which of my five children had been hurt.

I will never forget the feeling in my gut as I rounded the corner to home and saw ambulances, police cars, and even a fire engine sitting in front of my house. My mom was out on the lawn with four of my children…but one was missing.

One was NOT there!

It was my oldest son, Victor.

My heart sank.

He had been struggling with some pretty big issues for a 14 yr old kid.

Just that morning we had met with his “support” group. We met every month to make sure Victor was on track and doing ok.

Our last words to each other were beautiful.

Little did I know that morning when I said good-bye to him after the meeting, that it would be the last time I would ever have the chance to hear his voice again…

My last words to my son in the meeting were, ” That in my eyes, he was perfect and if I had a magic wand and could change anything about him  that I wanted, I would have to give the wand back, because he was absolutely perfect. I would not change one hair on his head. I loved him exactly as he was.”

Those were the last words I ever had the chance to speak to Victor because…

He made the heart-wrenching decision to end his life.

When I ran into my house to find the child that was missing, I was grabbed by several emergency workers and told not to go in there, that my son was dead.

A single gun shot wound to the head had ended his life.

Where does a mother go from there?

How do you wake up the next day and keep living your life after a tragedy like that?

Those were the questions that kept repeating themselves over and over in my mind.


Where did I go from there?

I picked up a paintbrush and started to paint.

I painted the bathrooms at the school where I work. I painted the border that was on the cookbook Victor was creating, on the wall above the sink in the boy’s bathroom.

You see, Victor wanted to grow up and become a chef. He was a wonderful cook, and loved to create original recipes.

We have a book of them, and that book is my treasure.

That is how my painting business was born.

That is why it is called Humpty Dumpty Mural magic.

I always called Victor, Humpty Dumpty.

I promised him that we would put all his pieces back together again…

but in so many ways I failed to do that for him.

He is with God now, and I am positive that when he stood face to face with the Lord, that God hugged my son so tight that all of his pieces were put back together again.

Victor also loved magic. That was his other passion.

So, now you all know the reason behind the name… Humpty Dumpty Mural Magic

Painting is healing my heart.

It is blessing my life.

And each mural I create brings more and more healing into my heart.

Victor is with me at each and every job.

There is a small piece of him in each and every project that my paintbrush touches.

That is the magic of sharing our talents.

Through the act of sharing our own unique gifts, we are literally sharing a piece of our soul with every person who is a witness of  our talents.

When I painted the murals in the bathrooms at the school, I had no idea where that decision would lead me.

I wasn’t thinking about starting a painting business.

I wasn’t thinking that this was a talent that others would pay me for.

I was only a devastated  mother trying desperately to come to terms with the death of my beloved “Humpty Dumpty”.

I was simply trying to figure out how to live my life in a world that no longer contained my son.

What I accomplished and learned went far beyond the paintings.

I learned the lessons of:




and commitment,

experiences I enthusiastically share with others as they work through their own personal adversities.

When I am painting, I am somehow able to bring control and clarity into my life.

However, it was in the sharing of my experiences and the inspiration I received from others on this journey that I am discovering the power of connecting with others.

 It was in the realization of the collaborative, transformational power of community that my life was truly changed.

I have met people, who have become friends, people that I would never have met in this lifetime had I not made the decision to pick up my paint brush and start painting.

People who have become my friends.

People who have forever changed my life and the direction I was traveling in.

When I decided to share my gift with others, they in turn shared their lives with me. 

And one mural at a time, I am getting stronger and stronger.

Thanks to the community I have found.

Regardless of where your life’s journey has taken you, the source of strength for tomorrow resides within you.

Whether you realize it or not, you are a gift.

Every one of us has been blessed with a unique set of skills and talents and experiences that make us who we are.

It is our gifts that make us great.

It is in the sharing of our gifts that we can support, guide and inspire others.

The answer to your challenge, issue, or problem is found when you openly and freely share your gifts with others.

By making yourself available to others, you make others and their unique gifts available to you.

It is from there that the transformation in your life will be discovered and realized.

Today it is my prayer that my talents,

whether it is the gifts I share with my paintbrush,


the gift of my written word,

are a blessing to each one of you that is a witness of them.

Each and every one of you have blessed me with the priceless gifts of…







and so many more,

Today’s blog is dedicated to everyone who has allowed me to share my gift with them…

and in turn brought healing to my broken heart.

I may not have been successful at putting my Humpty Dumpty back together again…


I have succeeded in putting MYSELF back together because of your love and friendship.

God Bless each and evey one of you today, and always on your journey through this life.

Victory (1)

This is a picture that my younger brother Trenton created for me.                                                          The boy in the picture is my son, Victor.


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