Attention and Perception…aka a giant leap forward for mankind.

Eventually time proves to be our friend.

You think you know what you’re doing until a revelation unfolds and you can suddenly see what you are REALLY doing. 

Then another urge and revelation come, and you see one more facet of the picture.

Then yet another will come, until soon you are able to see all the connections.

If you can learn to pay attention to your life, you will begin learning to observe all the cohesive, intelligent patterns of your life actually materializing deliberately.

You will realize that there actually IS a higher wisdom who is guiding your story,


you will learn to trust Gods plan for your life.

One of the questions I have learned to ask each morning during my prayer is this one…

“What’s my next courageous act?

I am beginning to notice, more and more how when I ask this question, my intuition provides me with the answer.

My definition of intuition is this:

“It is that magical sense of knowing something directly without reference to any logic or proof.”

I am pretty sure that WEBSTER would define it in different words, but that is how I define it and that is the definition I will use for my blog today.

When I first had the idea of creating a Painting business, I had no idea how to do that.

I just had the wish to make it happen.

I prayed for guidance and support, and that is exactly what I have been given, every step of the way.

It started small, with just one job every 3 or 4 months…

then it started to gain a little momentum…

and then it would stop.

I would have no business for months.

Then it would gain speed again.

This pattern kept up for the first two years.

I remember the day that I was hiking out in the mountains and the realization dawned on me…

The times when my business was FLOWING were the times when I was keeping my attention in the present moment. Each time that I began to look ahead into the next month and worry about money…

or worry about how I was going to get the momentum of the previous month back…

the momentum would stop!

It would come to a screeching halt.


During those times that I was fully engaged in the present moment, enjoying life with my kids and my family and friends, my business would start to flow again.

I began to understand the meaning of the saying, ” Worrying is like praying for the things that you DON’T want.”

I was experiencing firsthand, in a precise way, how the mind and the moment can stop or start the natural flow of ideas, creativity, and energy in our lives.

I continued to just allow myself to create paintings when I felt the desire to do so, and to trust that the Lord would provide me with the people and work I needed to take care of my little family.

I was beginning to cultivate a habit of paying attention, to my life, in the present moment, and not to get LOST in worrying about the future.

I was starting to pay attention to all the subtle ways that I had been creating the problems in my life, and how I was maintaining them.

By focusing my ATTENTION on the things that I was afraid of, or wanted to change, I was actually making them happen more often and at deeper levels…

Slowly the Lord was working on my heart and teaching me a concept that I like to call, “THE FAITH REST TECHNIQUE”

This simply means that I give my worries and desires to him in prayer, and then let them stay there with him.

I don’t take them back, and try to carry the burden of them with me, I give them to him, and then I rest in the faith knowing that he will handle them in a way that is according to my best interest.

Or in other words, I was learning that most of my problems could be solved or transformed into non-problems that contained useful information not necessarily with any PHYSICAL action or by applying any cleverness, effort or control – but simply by using my perception in a skillful way.

More and more, it was becoming obvious that my life was a function of my own imagination, attitude, choices, and whether I was open-minded or closed.

Life is hectic.

We are all being pushed to the outer limits of our abilities these days.

We are literally bombarded with information, each and every day.

This business is causing us to lose touch with our empathetic selves. We are becoming ultrasensitive, and often overwhelmed by all this information, negativity, and the sheer stimulation of life.

By releasing the need to control the outcome in my business, my personal life, my children’s lives, I was learning to get back in touch with my heart, and my empathy once again began to grow and flourish.

I was becoming a softer, kinder person again.

The person I was before life had kicked me in the guts.

As I look back on those difficult times, I am often struck with how the “inner me” knew things before they showed up in my life.

The day Victor died, I woke up and could hardly walk. It felt like my feet were encased in 10 lb. blocks of cement. Looking back, I know that the feeling in my legs was a premonition of the things to come, and the struggles that I was going to have to “MOVE FORWARD” in life following his death.

This is what I meant earlier when I said TIME IS OUR FRIEND.

Eventually we are able to see how compassionate the growth process really is.

The vibrations of times, of our own selves, and of the information that is resonating harmoniously like a beautiful chord of music through our lives.

But of course… as long as we are still alive, this growth process will NEVER stop.

Have you ever had the experience of seeing or hearing certain words and having them jump out at you, or looking at them and they almost appear to be highlighted in a book?

For the past year, the two words that have been repeating themselves to me over and over are the words, Attention and Perception.

The phrase, “skillful Perception” is a term used by Buddhists.

It is connected to the three pillars of their faith.

It means virtue, mindfulness, and wisdom.

It advocates using the mind properly to heal your own wounds while not adding more pain and suffering to the world.

This makes sense to me because I have seen how so many of the people in my life unknowing perpetuate pain on themselves and others in an attempt to feel better.

So often our problems can be traced back to our misuse of our attitude, decision-making abilities, and our fixed beliefs or opinions.

How much pain in your life has been a result of the unskilled use of consciousness by others?

Learning to use consciousness perception and attention skillfully has become my newest fascination and my primary focus.

David Whyte said once that, ” Attention is a live connection to the world.”

By paying attention to the here and now, I have been able to create a beautiful work of art in my life.

perception image for blogWhen my sweetheart holds me, I let go of anything in my mind except for the feelings being created by his embrace.

When my children speak to me, I give them my undivided attention, and my heart explodes with love for them.

When I am painting, I lose myself in the process of creativity and the result is magnificent.

So this weekend, go for a hike, read a book, or express your creativity in some form…and just let go of any outside worries or distractions and listen for your inner guidance and hear what it has been trying to say to you.

Go take a GIANT leap forward in your own life.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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