Are you Satisfied?

Are you satisfied?

What would it take to satisfy you? …


Have you taken the time to consider what thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions you would need to choose in order for you to be satisfied?

It’s a lot of work.

What do you really want?

In your life?

Your home?

Your relationships?

What qualities do you want in your mate?

In your spiritual life and community?

In your finances and health?

In your work and educational endeavors?

That’s a lot to consider.

Why does it matter?

We are conditioned to think in terms of mediocrity. From a young age we are trained to conform, and fit in. Don’t cause a scene.

So really think about it.

Patterns or habits could be keeping you right where you are.

When you were a child, were you enthusiastic, daring, energetic, and a risk-taker, ready to raise your hand as soon as a teacher formed a question? Back then most of us were:

Outgoing. Confident. Tenacious.

What happened?

Even if you were more introverted, there was probably an inner knowing that pushed you to try things, explore and ask questions, until you were satisfied with the results.

Yet, one day, somebody might have said,

“Children should be seen and not heard.”


“Do as I say, not as I do.”


How about just “NO!”

Those experiences taught you to CONFORM.

We are living in a world of MEDIOCRITY.

How can anyone be satisfied with that?

For the past two days I have been talking about CHOICES and RESPONSIBILITY.

Today I am asking if the choices you have made were responsible choices to make?

Have you made the decisions that have created the life you dream of?


Is it still that, a dream?

It is my wish and prayer that each and every person in my life, and all of my readers will acquire the skills to create THE LIFE OF THEIR DREAMS.

So please choose!

Choose your attitude – it will make you OR break you.

Choose the thoughts that will put a smile on your face (you’ll look and sound better!).

Choose your feelings about yourself, abilities, and your current circumstances (emotions are temporary, feelings are where you live) and reinforce them with what you actually want.

Choose your actions – “With practice and a plan, I will get the results I really want.”

Are you willing?

Think about one thing you really want –

perhaps it’s confidence,


or love,

just choose one –

and focus on that one word every morning seven times, and every night seven times, in your mirror for seven days, and imagine the gifts YOUR LIFE will reveal.

I started doing mirror work last February when I was told how bad my health was.

I knew that in order to make lasting changes in my body, I was going to need more than just a healthy diet and exercise. I was going to need to love myself too.

So I started doing mirror work.

It changed my entire attitude.

We have all heard people talk about our “Inner Child”, and that we need to work with that part of ourselves and heal the child, now that we are adults.

That is exactly what mirror work did for me.

I began to slowly re-capture that precocious little girl that I used to be.

I began to ask questions again.

To take risks.

To crave deep soulful experiences like I did when I was a child.

So, if you take all of the tips and information that I have written about for the last three days, and put them into practice, you will have a really solid base to work from to begin to create an OVERFLOWING LIFE.

A life filled with laughter, love, prosperity, and genuine joy.

But the first step has to be becoming aware of your thoughts.

Responsible for your choices.


Believe that you are POWERFUL.

Open your heart to possibilities, allowing the light of God to give you what you need.

You can have plans;


you must allow space for surprises, delights, connections, and the time it takes for things to unfold.

Hope comes from the head and heart, through the soul and the spirit.

Don’t get stuck in a ‘little idea’ of you.

Find freedom in knowing that beyond you, there is a force working to pick up the pieces in the darkest hours, the brightest days and even through confusion and healing!

You simply need to get on your knees and ask for his help.

There is a four-letter word that has allowed all of us to be here today.


No…Not that four letter word…

The four letter word I am talking about is the word…


Whatever thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions we have had have caused us to be right where we are.

And right here is exactly where we are supposed to be.

Start believing that,

trusting that,

accepting that,

and FEAR will lose enquêteits hold on your life.

So go out today and be FEARLESS.

Only then can you answer YES to the question I asked at the beginning of this post…




I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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