I will never again settle for Fear…I am Awake and Alive

Overwhelmed and Overjoyed have grabbed each other’s hands.

Then they scooped up Grateful, Awestruck and Deeply Moved,

and are having a dance party inside my soul right now.  “Mama Gena”


I had to start my blog with this quote from Mama Gena…It made me smile.

Today I want to invite you to use your imagination.

I am going to do my best to share one of my “TOOLS” I use whenever I find myself preoccupied with the future, and am unable to focus and enjoy the present moment.

We all have these times.

Maybe you have a big exam coming up.

Or a job interview.

Maybe it’s a first date.

Whatever the circumstance may be, we all find ourselves rehearsing the future rather than living life in the HERE AND NOW.

So tune into your imagination now for just a few minutes as I walk you through the process I use to remind myself that I have a choice in the way I live my life.

Imagine for a moment you’ve gone to a huge cineplex with eight separate theaters.

You buy your ticket and walk into the show you came to see.

But, before too long, you realize you don’t like what’s on the screen so you decide to change theaters. 

Unfortunately, the next movie is just as pointless.

So you change theaters again.

And again.

You move from one show to the next —

You keep this up until you have been to all eight theatres at least three times…

All the while not remembering that the film you just walked into was unable to please you the first time you saw it.

Then, in a moment of clarity,

another choice comes to you. 

You walk out of the movies. You take yourself out of the theater complex. 

Now you’re free to go enjoy the rest of your day in some other way.

Now, consider your own thinking for just a moment.

Can you see how your mind loves to go over and over events that haven’t even happened yet? 

We are especially prone to this type of thinking when, like I said, we have some big event approaching in the near future.

Each time your mind envisions some future event, it’s actually trying to find a feeling of security for itself.

But the only security that you will ever find this way is imaginary.

So it has to dream up one scene after another where somehow you’ll come out a winner.

But, here’s the tricky part, the part that can literally sabotage your happiness…

The more victories it conjures up in this way, the more fear it feels that it won’t win the battles it just created.

And the more agitated you allow your mind to become, the more it tries to settle itself with more mental movies.

So just like in my example above, you keep switching theatres,

forgetting that you have already sat in them and hated the movie the first time.

But because you find yourself caught in a perpetual loop of fear and imagination your mind is too numb to break free from the cycle it has created.

In order to break free you need to acknowledge this one simple truth…

No mere mental picture of security has any real power to make you feel secure.

And this realization empowers you, effortlessly, to just walk out of your own mental movie.

Being able to consciously walk out of the movie making complex is the same as the power to free yourself.


Because once you decide to walk out of this tiny darkened theater that your ego is trying to convince you is the whole world…

you know for certain and at last:

there is something wonderful just waiting for you, but it is waiting outside the world of your usual mind;

And once you walk into its light,

you know that everything can be forever new for you.

That is the reason that I started the blog today with the quote from Mama Gena.

How much happier would life be if you walked around repeating that sentence to yourself all day long?

Overwhelmed and Overjoyed have grabbed each other’s hands.

Then they scooped up GratefulAwestruck and Deeply Moved,

and are having a dance party inside my soul right now.

That sentence for me, instantly brings a smile to my face.

A face that is smiling is approachable and inviting, thereby making my interactions with people considerably more pleasant.

You have all heard the saying…

” A smile is a curved line that sets things straight.”

So if you must choose a movie to play in your mind, make it a comedy, not a thriller. 😉

Make a practice of catching yourself in front of the “big screen.”

Learn to detect negative feelings that imply there’s nothing that can be done about the way you feel at the moment.

Fear, anger, depression, and frustration

are a few of the inner conflicts that the mind loves to project through your psychic system.

At the moment you catch these mental actors stealing your life within the darkness of that mental movie,

remember that you always have a higher option.

Instead of looking for another self-created scene, better than the one you’re in, deliberately take your mind off of the mental screen of thoughts before you.

Wake yourself up!

Notice the tension in your hands.

Feel and temperature of the air around you.

Become aware of the expression on your face.

Listen to the sound of your own voice as you speak.


Placing your attention fully in the present moment helps to snap whatever psychic spell you may have been under.

If it is your wish to be awake and free, now you have a visualization that is very effective at reminding you that freedom awaits you just outside the theatre doors.

Now, once you’re out, do your best to stay out!

Allow the sunlight of your own momentarily awakened nature to gently warm you.

Let the truth remind you of what real pleasures are.

You’ll want more and more sunlight, and less and less of the mind’s dark back stage dramatics.

Life is way to short and precious to waste it wandering around a dark theatre.

Go outside, face your fears head-on and soon you will discover, like I have, that there really is nothing to be afraid of.

I will end todays blog with a link to a song by the band Skillet. It is called “Awake and Alive”

It sums up todays blog perfectly.

Enjoy the song.

Enjoy your day.

Go make a movie that you will want to live in forever!

Open this link and enjoy this song.



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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