#1 Beauty tip of 2014

We have all heard it said that the most beautiful people are those whose inner beauty is so pure that it literally radiates from the inside out.

Yesterday, I started a KINDNESS REVOLUTION…

Today, I want to expand on the concept that I introduced yesterday about how every interaction we have presents us with a chance to either make someone’s day better or worse.

If the most beautiful people are those who possess both inner and outer beauty, shouldn’t we all be striving to obtain both types of beauty?

Outer beauty is relatively easy to obtain. You can spend a day at the salon, and go shopping and look amazing on the outside.

It is the inner beauty that takes dedication, persistence, and awareness to cultivate.

In the book of Matthew the Lord chastises the Pharisees and the other teachers of the Law. He compared them to a whitewashed tomb. They may look beautiful on the outside, but their insides were full of rotting corpses. You can read the entire story in (Matthew 23:25-28)

I would have loved to have seen the look on the Lords face and heard the tone in his voice as he chastised these men. I am pretty sure that when Jesus thundered, ” Woe to you,” everyone there just about peed their pants.

What was the issue here?

It is the very same issue we face today.

Shallow personalities.

Faking it.

Covering our sins by pointing the finger at other people for their sins.

Inner beauty comes from transforming our Hearts, our minds, our will, and our soul.

A peaceful person is easy to spot because their OUTER behavior is gentle, kind, and justified.

Most of us can probably remember those famous Mac and PC commercials. They were funny.

They were clever;

they were absolutely brilliant.

The Mac was a hip laid-back man who was dressed for the times, he was tolerant, “authentic”… the ultimate ideal man.

PC on the other hand was awkward, dressed like the office geek, goofy, overweight, fumbling… the exact opposite of the ideal man.

Admit it…

You wanted to be the MAC, even if you didn’t own a MAC, and never even planned on buying one, you still wanted to be the MAC.

I mean, who wants to be knows as the SCHLUB.

This commercial addresses a very powerful issue in all of us:

The need to be accepted.

This need shapes the way we dress,

the way we talk,

the way we present ourselves to the world.

It determines the conversations we are willing to have, and the ones we avoid.

In the powerful riptide of current public opinions we can clearly see trends emerging.

Trends like laid-back is in; up-tight is out.

Tolerant is in; Dogmatic is out.

Enlightened is in; Yesterday is out.

Thus the brilliance of the MAC and PC ads.

But this idea goes way beyond computers. It shapes our theology, our politics, our values, our behaviors.

It is shaping more than you know.

Lets explore this idea for just a minute in the context of beauty.

Do you wear the clothes you do because you LOVE them, or because they are trendy?

Do you hope that your wardrobe will communicate certain things about you?

A few years ago TOM shoes were the craze. The founder had a brilliant idea…

Make an eco-friendly shoe and then create a “movement” around his product by giving away a free pair to an underprivileged child somewhere in the world every time a pair of Toms was bought by a consumer.

These shoes became an overnight sensation on college campuses everywhere.

Were these shoes attractive?

They had no arch support, looked more like a potato sack than anything else, and made your feet smell like a sewer.


Because these shoes made a statement about your level of social conscience, they were flying off the shelves despite the fact that everyone wearing them said they hated their new TOM shoes.

Which leads us to a discussion about our motives.

Anyone who wants to live a life that is true and beautiful needs to make sure that they are living with certain values in place. Anything less if a farce.

The scripture says that, “The fear of man is a snare.”

The fear of man is the worst motive for choosing what we will say or not say. What we will wear or not wear. The politics we hold, the theologies we embrace, or reject.

Lets push into this a bit further…

Every child born is fresh and new.

They have not yet been tainted by life’s experiences.

But life begins to take its toll.

We have all been wounded.

We have all experienced disappointment.

Shame begins to take hold. 

But in life there are also those experiences where we are rewarded.

We get noticed.

We fit in.

Convictions begin to form within us.

When it comes to the wounding and shame, we say,

“I know how to make sure this never happens to me again. I will be shy; I will be friendly; I’ll keep my mouth shut; I’ll be funny all the time.”

When it comes to getting rewarded, noticed, invited in, we say,

I know how to make sure this keeps happening –  I’ll be smart, athletic, pretty, spiritual, etc.”

On and on it goes.

These things get constructed over a period of time. They become know as our personality, our approach to life.

So, based on that, do you realize that your personality is the TOOL you use every day to either receive applause, or to avoid shame?

How much richer would your life be, if you spent some time reflecting on your personality?

Have you ever taken the time to examine things such as why you are shy, or outgoing? Or why you prefer the outdoors to spending time inside?

What is driving these behaviors?

If you can get to the bottom of these issues, you can literally change your personality. You can decide as the adult that you now are to be a kinder, more forgiving person.

It simply requires some brutal honesty about your motives.

Once you have gotten clear about your motives, you will then need to assume responsibility for your actions.

I am a very driven woman. I set very high standards for myself and my children. I push myself hard.

I receive certain rewards for this standard of living.

I get a lot accomplished every day.

I am successful.

People know they can depend on me.


My driven personality also has its set backs.

My motives are usually HORRIBLE.

They are born from two sources. An early childhood experience of failure, and an early resolution that said, “I will never lose another competition.”

My drive comes from a combination of woundedness and pride.

It looks fine from the outside,


Inside, I am afraid oten looks more like the whitewashed tomb that Jesus spoke of.

Friends the thing I want to point out today is the simple fact that we all have an approach to life.


We all think our approach is entirely justified.

It may have never occurred to us that our personality is an outward reflection of our inner beauty, or lack of it.

Everything we do has a motive behind it.


We can literally begin anew, if we can just take an honest assessment of our personality, and what motivates it.

Begin to be honest about your motives.

There need not be any shame,

any condemnation,

just a good healthy does of  radical honesty.

So today I would like to encourage you to put it all out there on the table.

Just begin to be honest and aware of your motives.

Bring them to the front of your mind where they can be inspected.

Keep the things that you know to be of good report, and toss out those things you determine to be garbage.

Your life will begin to immediately reflect this inner housecleaning, and just like a house that has just been cleaned looks and smells wonderful, so will you.

You will have become beautiful from the inside out.

And that my friends is the #1 beauty tip of 2014…

So go out there and be BEAUTIFUL!inner beauty


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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