Down hill sking is a sport…not a philosophy.

Trying to meet life with predetermined ideas about how to handle what unfolds before us —

before it does —

is like a downhill skier wanting to know where he will make his turns before he reaches the mountain that he intends to ski down!


Occasionally, for all of us, we accidentally enter into the Now.

We could be skiing, skating, doing yoga, playing golf, and suddenly our activity aligns us with the flow of that moment.

This recently happened to me on my date with Jeff this weekend. We were sitting across from each other eating dinner, and I was overwhelmed with a sense of pure contentment. I was 100% present in that moment with him.

That has made me think a lot about this idea.

How beautiful those moments are when we catch ourself enjoying the NOW. When we realize that the journey is the destination.

So, is there a way, a practice that we can do to strengthen our NOW MUSCLES?

I think that there is…

Physically we can be aware of our breath, our body temperature, our voice, etc. These things are clues that we have entered into the Now.

Emotionally we can enter accidentally into the Now when we look out and see the sun breaking through the clouds or we catch the evening light as it shades trees differently. Our emotions are so powerful that they literally render our conscious mind silent for that moment, and we just become part of the beauty that we are beholding.

Intellectually, from time to time, we enter into the Now when we have an insight and an epiphany comes. We’re walking along, and suddenly we have the feeling of understanding that came to us because at that moment everything integrated.

This is how the NOW feels physically, emotionally, and intellectually…

So lets take this knowledge and go out in life and PURPOSEFULLY experience these things.

This Now,

the real Now —

not the intellectual or the imagined one —

is a perfect integration.

It is that moment in time where time almost seems to stand still for you while you engage in your life.

This is where our real power lies.

This is where an artist goes for inspiration.

This is where a musician finds his melody.

This is where a poet finds his rhythm.

At a certain point, if we’ve touched the Now at all —

or it has touched us —

We will begin to CRAVE these experiences, and stop only occasionally experiencing this accidentally.

We want to be able to live in that awareness, know that kind of love, know that kind of insight.

We want to be someone who is in the flow, and because of that is in direct relationship with everything else that is in the flow.

This truth, this flow, is in the present moment.

It is perfect connectivity, right Now.

We don’t know we are in it because the nature we live from is apart from it. This higher awareness is more complete.

It is more compassionate.

It does not have stress and strain in it.

It is a world in which, unseen, we live in; it is our interior world.

It was in that moment over dinner with Jeff that I experienced a new and deeper level of Love for him. I realized in that moment that I really am safe with him, safe enough to lose myself completely in the moments we share together.

This is the place where eternity is formed…The present moment in our minds.

This interior life that we are supposed to have access to and live within is hidden from us because of our human nature.

Our innate need to know where we came from,

and what it is,

what are we intended to do,

how do we go about DOING it.

— at all costs, all the time —

Is the very culprit that is stealing the NOW from our life.

We miss the truth that what we are from moment to moment is what determines our experience of the moment we are in.

When we begin to understand that, the moments themselves become beautiful reflections, expressions of ourselves to ourselves.

We learn to be present to ourselves.

That is what the path is.

We want the path to lead to a proven place.

Each person has different ideas about what the path leads to —

maybe to become enlightened,

or to make a million dollars –

But… that path doesn’t lead to anything because it doesn’t go anywhere.

What is Eternal doesn’t go anywhere — it just is.

Our task is not to go someplace. It is to discover inside of ourselves a new order of being.

Little by little we can recognize that it is possible for us, instead of always trying to confirm ourselves by life —

going through that process where we’re always trying to figure out who we are —

to begin to surrender ourselves to the action of this Light that lives inside of us that by our relationship with it through understanding, we are part of it, and it is Good.

This “Goodness” is the idea of let the journey be the destination.

Then we’re not going anywhere;

we’ve discovered a new being.

The Bible promises us that if we will trust in the Only Begotten Son, we will be reborn. That we will literally become a new creation.

Experiencing the NOW, at the level that I have begun to, can only be possible through faith in his plan for my life.

Before I understood that he really does have a plan for me, I lived my life in constant fear of the future.

From that place of fear, experiencing the NOW is not even possible.

I first had to surrender my future into his loving and capable hands knowing that he will, in fact, work all things together for my good.


When you invite this loving spirit into your heart, you invite it into your life. You will begin to become more receptive, to whatever life is showing you in this very moment.

So stop worrying about all the small details of your “SKI TRIP”, and just enjoy the experience of it all.downhill skier blog 1


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