I am blessed…How are you?

I am sorry I haven’t written a BLOG for a few days, I have been on vacation with my children and very best friend and business partner, Brenda.

We are in Southern California soaking up the sun.

We headed out from our home in Utah early Saturday morning. We spent the night in Nevada and then made it to California on Sunday afternoon.

Our condo is perfect. It is right on the beach. We are so close to the ocean that the waves were literally smashing into the walls last week.

We have had such a great experience so far on our trip.

We have been blessed beyond our wildest expectations.

Our first day here we walked onto the Pier to check things out and the kids got to see pelicans up close and personal. My youngest even got close enough to touch one.

We have seen sites that we never expected to see. On the giant pylons holding up the Pier there were the biggest and brightest star fish I have ever seen. They were in colors of bright orange, red, and yellows that were so luminescent they stole my breath.

The sunset here is beyond description. Even as good as I am at stringing words together to create a picture, I am at a loss to describe these sunsets.

I just feel so blessed here. I can almost feel the arms of my Savior holding me tight, and expressing his love to me. My God is powerful indeed. Only he could have created such magnificent scenery.

Our second day here we walked down to the Ocean side Harbor to see the sites there. While we were walking along the docks we saw a group of sea lions sunning on the dock. There were five of them. One was a young baby nursing on his mommy. The were so much fun to watch. The coastal police officers were laughing at us, they told us it was one of the perks of California.

We have met so many friendly people here. I love being in new places where i get the chance to talk to strangers and hear their stories.

Today we boarded the ship “Dana’s Pride” for a day on the ocean to watch the Gray Whales migrate. The kids were so excited. Brenda and I had our fingers crossed hoping they would get to see some whales.

We all held hands and prayed for our safe journey and that we would be blessed with a whale sighting.

We are so blessed.

We not only got to see one whale, we got to see four.

We saw a school of dolphins playing in the water by the buoy and a large group of Sea Lions sunning themselves on another  buoy.

We had such an amazing time on the boat. It was magical to be out in the middle of all that water watching some of the most amazing mammals.

The best part about vacations is that you get to slow down and be really present with yourself, your family, and the Lord.

I have needed this time to just stop and meditate so I could give thanks for all the blessings we have been given.

I have had time to get re-acquainted with my children, and my friendship with Brenda has gotten even closer this week.

I am going to end this now because we have dinnerzentangle red prints reservations to celebrate my daughter Mina’s 13th birthday.

She is another one of my blessings, and tonight we are going to celebrate her life and the gift it is to everyone who is lucky enough to know her.

I will try to write again before I get back home. But if I don’t I will talk to you all again next Wednesday.



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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