Give the gift of “GROW” to everyone you know.

I am home from my vacation in sunny California.

We had the time of our life. We met so many amazing and interesting people, saw so many beautiful sights, and just partook of Gods bounty in our lives.

I returned home a different person than I was when I left, and that is what I want to write about today.

We are all a “WORK IN PROGRESS”.

Constantly changing and evolving; sometimes that evolution takes us to higher and better places, and sometimes we almost seem to de- evolve.

But where ever you are on your own personal journey, I want to suggest that you give yourself and every one around you the “GIFT OF GROW”

What do I mean by that?

I simply mean that you don’t hold anyone to who they used to be, especially yourself.

Evolution is all of our birthright.

Embrace who you are becoming, as an individual, as a friend, a lover, a family member, and in the roles you play in your own little community.

Give the ‘gift of grow’ to everyone you know –

AND to those you need to let go.

Enjoy how the circles of your life bring out different sides of you.

At least once a year (your birthday?), have a gathering where the thing most people have in common is you.

The new alliances that form will delight you from the heart out.

My daughter turned 13 while we were on our vacation, so for one whole day, everything we did was centered around her and her emergence into the life of a ‘teenager’

We celebrated her and the changes that she has been experiencing in her life lately. We supported her in her transformation from child to teenager.

My heart was filled to its capacity as I watched my little girl interacting with the world from a brand new lens. She is no longer my baby girl, she is GROWING into a young woman, and I am so proud of the woman she is becoming already.

It occurred to me as we were celebrating her special day, that we would all benefit from daily celebrating our life and our growth each day.

I thought of a few ideas that could be added to anyones daily routine to help celebrate ourself every day.

Celebrate yourself in what you eat, wear, say, dream, cause, do – and in what you no longer do.

Birth each new day of your life with some of that same presence and special outlook that you feel on ‘your day.’

Afterall…What day isn’t your day?

1:  Don’t worry that you will become selfish and ugly if you make yourself happy first.

Your true joy is generous by nature.

When you live it, you give it.

2: You can learn to laugh when things go wrong.

Remember some of those things that weren’t funny then, that are funny now?

Shorten the distance between then and now.

A laugh sets you loose when you think you’re losing.

3. Your feelings are not a crisis.

Getting hit by bus is a crisis.

Feelings move through you… to move you through.

Peace and happiness, fun and confidence, many delicious states of mind – sometimes elusive – are all a choice.

When you choose woe, rail against joy, feel resentful, believe your being left out or incapable…  remember this:

remember to remember to choose to be glad.

You can decide again to experience peace and fun as many times as you want; there is no limit on sanity.

4:    Move, make, groove, shake… your creativity is your source and your course. 

During my vacation I walked along the beach, danced at the open air market, choose to walk instead of drive, read books, ate delicious food..etc. all of which opened me up in ways I never could have imagined before.

So choose to move. Momentum is the way to change your life.

5:  Surround yourself with people who empower you and encourage you. 

In love, you are not looking for the one who delights and excites you, lighting your mad passion with their bionic match.

Your true matches, in any kind of love, are the ones you also naturally relax around.

Where harmony resounds, ‘true you’ abounds.

Being away from Jeff helped me to realize that the thing I love the most about our relationship is the fact that we can be so ‘REAL’ with each other no matter what!

6:  Don’t protect other people with silence. Often, the more honest you are, the more capable they are.

During our trip, I had some issues come up with my son Russel. I went to my friend Brenda and begged her for help.

She loved me and trusted me enough to be honest  about what she was seeing between us, and offered suggestions to me on ways that might be helpful to us both.

She showed me that she really loves me and Russel by being so honest. She communicated to me that she sees me as a very capable and loving mother by honestly speaking about my faults and bad choices that have led to this situation with Russel.

Russ is just a normal 10 yr old going through 10 yr old stuff, but if these things are left unaddressed they could become real issues that will affect his future.

So love yourself and your friends enough to give them the truth. It really does set them free.

7:  Talk to strangers.

You make the world a safer place when you grace our space with your face.

In California, we kept seeing the same homeless people every day on the beach.

On one occasion we had the chance to feed one of them a peanut butter sandwich, and on several other occasions we had the chance to look them in the eyegrowth blog and say a simple “hello,” but the appreciation in their face as we acknowledged them as humans, was a gift that I will never forget.

So take a chance and talk to strangers sometimes.

8:  Count your day in memories.

When you lay down, lay out what you experienced.

Have fun finding a reason to be grateful for the things you didn’t like, as well as the things you adored.

The present is much more interesting than the past or the future.

So give yourself and everyone around you the ‘GIFT OF GROW’ because the person you are today will not be the same person you will be tomorrow.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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