Stop wearing different hats…You only have one Head.

To kick – Start the Weekend I decided to write 10 paragraphs about some truths that I believe will change your perspective on life…

1:If this were your last day, what would you want to be experiencing?

How often do we spend our days recounting our hurts? How we were wronged? What we don’t have, what is stressing us, and how we were disappointed?

Choose instead in every moment to experience joy, love, happiness, laughter, connection, and creativity.


2: Pain comes from expecting a dog to be a cat. A dog is going to be a dog.

Accept people for who and how they are.

Not who and how you want them to be.

In doing so, both of you will find release, joy, and acceptance.


3: Life is about choosing, experiencing, learning, and then… Choosing again!

Stop taking life so seriously.

Life is about experiences – good, bad, and indifferent.

Focus on the experience, not the outcome.

What did you learn? What did you feel? How did you make the world better?

Even our “wrong” actions are a gift.

Can you find yours?

Do you have the strength to let go of the shame, guilt, and apparent failures of learning and choose something new?


4: Nothing in this world is permanent. Accept Change.

When we hold fast to old ideas, beliefs, habits, relationships, jobs, locations, or anything else, we become stuck.

Like nature, our lives and experiences are ever cycling, morphing, and shifting.

Go with the flow.


5: Nothing can change without first having awareness.

When you catch yourself complaining about what you did poorly or a negative thing that just happened, CELEBRATE!!!

Now you are aware.

 And with awareness, you can make adjustments to make your life better.


6: When we aspire, we often forget to be aware of and grateful for all that we already have.

Remember to acknowledge and be grateful for what you have while you are living on the road to what is next.

Live in the present, not in the unknown future.

Don’t put your life on hold while you are waiting for what is next.


7:  Like clothes, your life fits better if it is designed specifically for you.

Stop trying to fit yourself into someone else’s life or expectations for you. Instead, tailor-make your life for you and your unique gifts, desires, and purpose.

When you live from your own heart and desires, you naturally find opportunities that encourage your dreams.


 8: Stop wearing different hats, you only have one head.

When we try to take on different roles, balance work and life, juggle many different responsibilities, we separate ourselves and become stressed.

Trying to be everything to everybody, is just as impossible as wearing five different hats and looking good!

Relax into you at all times and in all situations.


9: Imperfection is the new perfect.

It is the odd birthmark that makes a model unique and beautiful. We celebrate her for her imperfection.

Stop focusing on your uniqueness as bad and embrace it as your true beauty.

When you approach life with confidence, and an attitude that says,

“I love the Beautiful Mess that is ME”,

People will find you irresistable.

You will exude a confidence that is contagious.

So celebrate YOU!


And Last BUT definitely not Least is tought number 10.


10: Get off your yoga mat and make a change in the world.

There is a time for reflection and introspection.

And there is a time to act.

Once you have acquired your healing and wisdom, don’t keep it to yourself – use it to make a difference in the world.

Prayer and meditation are powerful tools that give us clarity and focus…


You are powerless and useless if all you ever do is sit locked in your house on your yoga mat in the mantra pose meditating. Take the information you gain during times of quiet reflection to make your world a better place to live in.



I hope that at least one of my top 10 thoughts for today will bring you more stability and joy in life.

hat blog

Have a great weekend. I will talk you on Monday.  🙂



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