Underwater ceramic technician…aka Dishwasher

Recently the BBC asked people to give them some examples of important sounding, obscure, and even bizarre job titles.

My favorite one on the list was…

Underwater Ceramic technician…

aka Dishwasher.

Have you ever use a title or position to make yourself appear more important?

I believe, if you are being honest, you will have no choice but to answer that question with a YES!

We all do this.  A LOT!

When the apostle Paul was listing some of God’s gifts to the church in Ephesians 4:11, I don’t believe it was his intent for those gifts to be understood as high – sounding job titles.

In the body of Christ, all parts are important and necessary to the proper functioning of the whole.

No one part is better or more necessary than another.

What IS of primary importance is the purpose of these gifts.

They were “for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come to…the stature of the fullness of Christ.” ( Ephesians 4:12-13)

It matters very little what title we hold.

What matters is that we are participating in the strengthening of each other.

This fact was brought home to me recently in a very powerful way.

I recently took my family on a vacation to Oceanside California.

While there, we had a different experience every day with the Lord showing himself to us.

Showing us that he is as alive AND as real as we are to job titleeach other.

On day one, we checked into our condo, and was heading downstairs to make sure we had gotten everything out of the car. We stepped onto the elevator, and met a man who had a long scraggly beard, and looked kinda “hard”, I smiled at him and said, “How are you?”

His response blew my mind. He said, ” I am very blessed, how are you?”

I paused, and then I thanked him for that response.

He then informed me that he has had many opportunities to share his testimony with strangers because of that exact response to that exact question.

On Day two of our vacation we went on a Whale watching excursion. Before the ship left the Harbor, we all joined hands and prayed that the Lord would bless us with just one whale sighting.

He did not bless us with ONE…

we were able to watch FOUR different whales playing in the water.

Two of them even breached for us to see.

On day three, we were on the pier to eat dinner at Ruby’s Diner for my daughters 13th birthday celebration.

She hurt her knee getting up out of the booth. So my friend Brenda, and I were trying to carry her down the pier.

We looked up ahead and noticed a band on the pier playing music.

My daughter loves street music, so I asked her if she wanted to stop for a minute and listen to them. She said “NO, I just want to get back to the condo, my knee is killing me.”

But as we walked past them, the leader asked her specifically if she would like a bible. She declined and told them that we all have bibles that we use daily.

They then asked if they could pray with us.

As we all gathered in a circle to pray together on that pier that night, we were all strangers, but at the conclusion of that prayer, we were all part of the same family.

He prayed and told my daughter that the reason we met today was because the Lord loves her and is with her always.

Again we were struck with the reality of the fact that the Lord knows us personally.

On day four, we had scheduled a visit to a place called Wild Wonders, because my youngest wants to be a Zoologist when she grows up.

When we scheduled this tour, we were hoping that she would be able to glimpse in person a few of the wild animals that she loves so much.

We got to do a lot more than just glimpse the animals.

Wild Wonders was a refuge where we were guided by a zoologist that allowed my daughter to get inside the pens and actually handle the animals. It was such a blessing.

It was for us a perfect example of the abundance the Lord loves to shower on his children.

On day five, we were playing on the beach having a quiet day.

We met a couple that was there with their grandson.

It turned out that their son-in-law is a youth pastor for a church in Oceanside. He has written three books, and recently had the series turned into a movie.

As we were talking Brenda and I were so amazed at the ability God has to put people together for the purpose of strengthening each other.

This couple agreed to send us copies of the books along with a copy of the movie. As a mother of four, I am always looking for material that will help me grow in wisdom and knowledge as a parent.

The books arrived in the mail the other day, and I have not been able to put them down.

They are literally a gift from Heaven.


On day six, we were able to feed a homeless man.

Brenda and I were enjoying our coffee, looking out at the ocean, and the park below. Suddenly a man caught our attention. For some reason we both started to watch this man, the ocean was completely forgotten. He walked up to a garbage can and took a tray out and began licking the remnants off it.

Brenda said, “Get his attention”, and then she flew into the condo to prepare some PB&J sandwiches.

She wrapped them in foil so we could thow them to the man.

After quite a struggle, we got his attention and threw the sandwiches to him.

When he looked up to catch the sandwiches,we realized that this man was probably homeless because he was obviously mentally handicapped.

He was in his sixties, so his parents had probably died, leaving him to try to fend for himself.

Brenda and I both thanked the Lord for allowing us to be His stewards in this mans life that day.

It was such a blessing to us both. We were both fed more than he was that day.

On day seven, we were in San Diego.

The battery on our phone that contained our GPS died, and we had forgotten to bring the charger.

So there we were in San Diego, lost with no GPS.

We said a prayer that we would be successful in retracing our steps back to our condo with no mishaps.

We drove straight home.

It was almost like we were natives and had lived there for years.


On our final day in California, we headed for home.

I wanted to stop one more time at this amazing discount store we had found and pick up a few more things.

That decision placed us on a different road heading home than the one we came in on.

Brenda had wanted to visit the Mission San Louis Ray while we were there, but we had not had time to search for it.

She had just barely mentioned how she was sad that we had not seen it, when we drove past a sign on the road,

On the sign was: Mission San Louis Ray 2 miles

We were blown away!

We took the exit and drove right to the mission.

What an amazing blessing.

We all got to spend our Sunday morning worshiping and giving thanks to the Lord for the blessings of the past week in one of the oldest missions in America.


The point that I want to make today is simple that everything we do, and everything we are is relevent to the “Job of life”

That we understand the importance of using our work as worship.

That our every word and action is a testimony of who and what the Lord is.

That we come to him daily in prayer and study his word.

If I was asked to say the event that touched me the most on our trip, I would not be able to do that.

Each day through the words of a man,

the tail of the whales,

the interaction with his creatures,

the feeding of his children,

the sharing in prayer,

the exchange of testimonies and books,

visiting an old church

He showed me that every person, and every job is necessary in the building of his Kingdom on Earth.



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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