Closed Doors. *6 ways to unlock them.*

Maurice Sendak once said,

“There must be more to life than having everything.”

There is.

And the secret to finding it is to seek MEANING in your life, not CONTROL.


Today I want to talk about those CLOSED DOORS we all encounter in our lives.


My entire life up to this point could be seen as a series of closed doors.  It seems that every time I turn around, another door that I assumed was open, Closes.

I am in a constant struggle with life it seems.

Yet, despite all that I have discovered peace.

I am at rest.

I am comforted.

I believe God showed me the importance of not giving up despite the closed doors in my life.

I had a dream several years ago, while I was going through my divorce, that for some reason came back to mind this morning. It was a dream about closed doors that has changed the way I handle trials.

In this dream, I was shown this picture in my mind of a big white house with steps leading up to a big door.
I opened the door and saw a long hallway with many closed doors off it on either side.
I walked down this hallway, maybe expecting a door to open.
None of the doors opened for me.
I had a choice.
I could sit down where I was and give up, or I could continue to walk down this hallway.
As I continued to walk down, I saw near the end another short hallway just off the main one, with an open door for me to walk through.
Had I stopped and given up, I would never have seen the open door further down.


I believe that’s how it is with us.

When God plants a vision in our lives, it doesn’t come into full reality straight away, but it’s worked out over time.
We often may come up against closed doors.
If we give up and think maybe we never heard right in the first place, we would never come into the new opportunities God has for us.
We need to continue to walk by faith, knowing God is moving us in this direction, even when it seems nothing is happening.
The vision will never come into reality if we don’t continue walking, trusting in God.

(Habakkuk 2: 3)        “For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end ; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day.”

I love this scripture. It has given me the courage many times, to trust in God’s timing, not my own.

Many people spend their lives seeking control… of money, real estate, jobs, careers, other people… you name it, somebody wants to control it.

But control is an illusory thing.

It’s like running side-hill on loose gravel. The terrain is always changing, so to maintain “control,” you have to keep moving.

In the end, people are much happier when they stop pursuing control and start seeking meaning.

At that point, you begin to establish a foothold on solid ground.

There are many ways to find “solid ground” and add meaning to your life:

Here are 6 ways that can help you establish a foothold on solid ground.


1. Follow your interests.                                                                                                   

Pursue the things you feel passionate about. Your days will be full.

We all spend so many hours doing the things we are OBLIGATED to do.      No wonder we all feel that there are not enough hours in the day.

Find time every day to pursue your passions.


2. Don’t be afraid of anything. 

If you are afraid… of following your dreams,

of intimacy,

of leaving the perceived safety and comfort of your home or job

or the status quo…

then confront the traumas that caused your fears.

 Life is too short to be timid.


3. Avoid negative people. 

Loose gravel is bad enough.

Negative people are like quicksand. Avoid them.

That includes people who are abusive in any way – emotional, verbal or physical. Don’t tolerate it.

If someone is abusive to you, tell them to stop.

If they don’t stop, leave.

Leave the room, leave the house, and if it still doesn’t stop, leave the relationship.


4. Believe in something. 






Human Nature,

Yourself  (especially Yourself).

A life devoid of belief is a life devoid.



5. Help others.

If somebody needs help, lend a hand.

You will be rewarded many times over.

Last fall, I organized the first “Zombie Fun Run” in Carbon and Emery Counties to promote Fitness in our area.                                                                 Then during the Holiday season we collected “CarePackages for Christmas” and sent supplies to the soldiers serving over- seas that would not be home for Christmas.

I started these events because I wanted to do something meaningful for others.

Along the way, I met many fascinating people and brought more meaning to my own life.


6. Lastly, open your heart. 

The heart has an infinite capacity for love.

All you have to do is open up and let it out.

Tell your loved ones that you love them.

Tell them every chance you get–every time you see or talk or write to them.

And when somebody hugs you, hug them back.


If you do each of those things, you will have a rich and meaningful life.

You will never again be detoured by a CLOSED DOOR;

because you will know that it is just God’s way of telling you to keep searching for the RIGHT DOOR.

Ask for the world…closed door blog

And when you get it, share it!


4 thoughts on “Closed Doors. *6 ways to unlock them.*

  1. Absolutely right on! And what is behind the door that He opens is usually so much greater than what we could ever expect or create for ourselves, if we just trust and wait. Wonderful blessing, this post. Thank you!

  2. EXCEPTIONAL! Just like a discussion I was having last night with someone – I think I will be forwarding your post to them. Thanks for being just the right resource I need to encourage someone else too. Blessings.

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