5 ways to squeeze every drop of joy out of life.

What could you accomplish if you stopped listening to doubt and fear and went after a life most people only dream of?


For 35 years, I listened to my doubt and fear.

I listened to the negative voices of other people telling me my dreams were not possible.

Maybe they were right….

I had no college degree.

No special skills.

How could a Custodian from Cleveland become anything that was of value?

It seemed impossible.


After the death of my son, I realized that whether or not it seemed impossible, I had to try.

Life is too short to die with regret, so I decided to go for it!


Seven years later, my life is amazing in ways I never dreamed possible.


This weekend while on a hike up to an ancient Indian village, Jeff and I were talking about “Happiness”.

We were discussing why there is so much unhappiness in the world, and why it is so difficult for people to shift their mindset out of depression and into joy.

Then at church yesterday the lesson was about Humility. We discussed, again happiness vs depression. The teacher pointed out that depression is a result of living life inside – out and happiness is the result of living life outside-in.

So today, I want to continue this conversation with all of you!


Here’s the thing.

Life is short, way too short, and none of us will live forever.


When we let doubt and fear win, we lose valuable time that could be used truly living.

Would you be willing to play with an idea for the next few minutes?

If you are…here is the idea;

(If not, skip down to the next paragraph.)

The worst critic and enemy in your life is YOU. 

You are the one who is allowing your mindset to run a muck!

You are the one who is ruminating all the mean things that have been said and done to you.

You are the one tormenting yourself…

Yet, you blame everyone else.

You expect them to change.

You demand they fix things.

They never will.

It’s not them that is making you depressed.

YOU are doing that to yourself with your thought process.

Would you be willing to consider that this statement is true?

If you are, then by accepting responsibility for your thoughts, you can then change the way you feel about things.

You can accept that people sometimes hurt and disappoint us, but that WE are the ones that are allowing  that small offense to grow into a monster that kills our happiness.

Why would you give your power away to someone who does not love you?


It really is that simple.

JUST STOP, giving them space inside your thoughts.

Replace those hurtful, negative thoughts, with the things that fill you with joy…

Such as;







What would it take to start living your dream?

During all these discussions on happiness this weekend I noticed 5 common themes running through all of them.  There seemed to be a consensus that there are “WAYS” to realize your dreams, thereby creating  contentment and joy in your life.


Here are the 5 ways to squeeze every drop of joy out of your life…

1. Figure out what your dream life truly is. 

Take some time to meditate. I always suggest starting with meditation, because your inner wisdom knows you better than anyone else ever will. So start there first.

Then, talk it over with someone close to you. Share your dream with someone who you can trust to support you in it, and hold you accountable for your goals.

But the most important thing is that you figure out all those things you really want to accomplish in life.


2. Put a step-by-step plan together.

We are blessed with this amazing thing called the “Internet.”

Use it!

Use it to research exactly what it will take, down to the last cent, to make your dream your reality.

Find stories of people who succeeded in the areas you desire, then do what they did.

There really is no need to reinvent the wheel.



3. Take small steps. 

The best way to test your plan is by putting your toe in the water.

Look at your plan, take one of the steps, and see if it works.

Once you take one small step, take another, and keep moving forward.

2 yrs ago, I weighed 80 lbs more than I do today.

I didn’t lose that much weight overnight. It took thousands of small steps to get me to the point I am today.

My first step was a glass of water when I had a craving.

So no matter how insignificant the step may seem…trust me it’s NOT.


4. Get ready to fall.

No matter how solid your plan is, we all experience a fall/failure when making changes.

The thing that separates those that are successful from those that aren’t, is the ability to get back up.

We all fall… but determine right now that when you do, you’ll get back up.

I always tell my kids, ” It’s only a mistake if you didn’t learn anything from it. If you learned something, then it was a LESSON.”

So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they will be your greatest teacher in life. You will learn to embrace your failures if you approach them with this mindset…I promise.


And last BUT not least…


5. Keep pushing forward.

Fine-tune your plan, learn more about your dream, get up when you fall, and keep pushing forward.

You can do this:

you can accomplish anything you want as long as you keep pushing forward.

You owe it to yourself.

You owe it to your loved ones.

Let this be the year you beat those doubts and fears and accomplish the impossible.


It starts with making that decision and shift in your mind.

Once I made that shift… it wasn’t easy —My life changed in ways I never even dreamed possible.

I now enjoy a life of quiet simplicity that only a few years ago would have seemed impossible for me…

My home life is stable now.

I am surrounded by loving and supportive friends.

I am in a healthy, loving relationship with an incredible man.

I get paid to paint.

My blog is gaining popularity, and my dream of writing my book is becoming more and more of a reality every day.


They say when life gives you lemons…Make lemonade.

So today, I gave you 5 ways to turn life into an ice-cold glass of refreshing lemonade.Life keeps throwing me lemons because I make the best lemonade


I’m a living testament that you can do this.

What could you accomplish? You can accomplish what most people think is impossible.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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