Women in the Word – Deborah

I had to reblog this post. I did not write it, but I agree with every word that was written. It is my prayer also that the women in America will remember that we do not need to be “better” than the men…we are different, and that is a beautiful miracle given to us from God. Being humble and submissive is the way to discover our true and God given power.
I loved this post and had to share it.


In the Old Testament book of Judges, we are introduced to a remarkable woman who was used of God in a position of leadership.  She was a Wife; a Prophetess; and a Judge.  She was called the Mother of Isreael……………a title of which no other woman is labeled.

images  deborah under palm treeWe begin in Judges chapter 4 where we find that Deborah is the Judge of Israel at this time in history.  We find her dwelling under the Palm tree which was landmark at that time because palm trees were a rarity; it became known as the Palm of Deborah.  She was gifted with superior spiritual, mental and physical powers.  God had raised her up and endowed her with a remarkable personality and varied talents.  These talents were used for the Lord’s work.

Deborah would not have become the dazzling figure that she was had she not first been a faithful wife, submitting, helping, respecting and loving her husband.   She depended…

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