What if life came down to these four questions?

As a parent, I tell my children  that they need to do whatever it takes to make sure that they are not among the 98% of people who spend 98% of their time on the 98% of things in life that don’t matter.

Until way too late in my life, I included myself in that group.full life

Nearly eight years  ago, I had some clarity enter my life that changed my view of life.

Now I attempt to make sure that everything I think, say, and do is directly related to the relationships in my life, and that it is in line with my life’s purpose.

(which has nothing to do specifically with the desires of my body or the insatiable and usually non-beneficial activities of my mind.)

I have chosen in the second half  of my life to build my experiences around two messages.

 One was the statement, “Your life is not about you,”

The second one comes from Neale Donald Walsh’s book “Conversations with God.”

They are the Four Fundamental Questions of Life:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where am I?
  3. Why am I where I am?
  4. What do I intend to do about that?

Asking myself these questions often has helped me to create a life that matters to my soul.

His book was life changing for me when I read it.

(If you have not yet read the book, I suggest doing so. There were of course things in it that did not fit with my personal belief system, but for the most part, I found the book to be very beautiful, and filled with positive, life enhancing suggestions and insights.)

One of the things that I took away from the book was a new way of living my life.

It was especially powerful for me, since I have actually experienced the reality of having my son alive and well and sending him to school, and then the very same evening, being forced to accept the truth that he was dead. That I would never hold him, or speak to him again in this lifetime.

I now ask myself these four questions daily, especially when life starts to get hectic and I find myself neglecting the relationships in my life and focusing too much time and energy on THINGS.

So here are the 4  more questions…

1: If this were my last day on earth and I had only one I thing that I could say to another, what would I say?

2: What would I do differently with or for them today?

3: Would I still need to finish the things on my list, or can I find time to spend with them before they go?

4: Would they leave this world knowing that they were totally and completely loved by me?

How much deeper and more passionate would your relationships be if you took time each day to ask these questions as you plan your schedule each morning?

Can you imagine how fulfilling your relationships would be if the people in your life knew that they mattered enough to warrant your time and attention?

In the end… it won’t be the things or awards that matter – what will matter will be the people who walked along side you during your life.

Each and every day fight to remember, amidst the hectic activity of  life, Who You Really Are—a spark of Divinity created in the image of God.

Struggle to remind yourself at every turn that where you are is a place in the Kingdom of God, and that you are here for a very specific purpose.

And always remember, ‘Your life is not about you.’

It is about everyone whose life you touch.

And it is about how you touch them.

 I would also tell every person that no matter what else they imagine in this world of Illusion, the truth is that Love Is All There Is.

So love deeply and on purpose.

Finally, Don’t take your relationships for granted, they are the priceless treasures we were born to discover.

I believe in the end life really will boil down to these four questions.

1: What did I say?

2: What would I do differently if I still had time?

3: Did I put people before things most of the time?

live life
Do the people in my life know how deeply I loved and appreciated them?

Start today living life as if today were your last day so that when that day actually does arrive, it will arrive with no regrets on your part.

Don’t let life distract you from loving.




4 thoughts on “What if life came down to these four questions?

  1. Just so profoundly full of essential information that every person would benefit from. I agree so completely. ..we need to ask ourselves these questions. So many people wake in the morning and go about the day without ever analyzing their lives. Yes…This would be a very good place for them to start. Thank you so much for posting this. Blessitude 🙂

    1. Wow…you just made my day! 😉
      Thanks for your comment. Its good to hear that the loss of my son, and the wisdom that it gave me might be of use to someone else. In that way my sweet son will continue to live on and bless lives.

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