Busting the Beauty Myth

Of course there is no formula for success except perhaps an 
unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings. 
~ Arthur Rubinstei


 Every woman is beautiful.

Especially YOU!

And I’m not just talking inner beauty here. 

Every woman on this planet is walking around with a unique quality of natural beauty that’s just waiting to be expressed.
And it can be brought to the surface so easily!
I’ve seen too many astounding makeovers to doubt it.
Do you believe that YOU could look and feel beautiful every day?
I’m here to tell you that you can…

There is a Lie We’ve Been Told

There’s a myth out there that some woman are beautiful and others aren’t.

So a lot of us have compromised, assuming that supermodels got the good-looks genes.
And the rest of us didn’t.
Believe me, I’ve been there.
Just take a look at my 7th grade photo.  😉
At 13 years old, I believed I was ugly.
 That deeper belief of  “ugly” got buried when I went on to my adult life.
I believed that if I was more attractive, my husband might love me, and not be so cruel.
Every day I woke up determined to do the best I could to feel put together and moderately attractive.
But I definitely never thought of myself as beautiful.
True beauty was only for a select few women and I wasn’t one of them. 
Two years ago I turned 40.  It was about that same time that I finally decided that looking beautiful didn’t need to stop me from making a difference in the world.
So I set out on a path to help others in any way that I can, to recognize the beauty that lies inside us all.
I didn’t even realize just how much our outer appearance related much to our true happiness.
I was blown away when I  discovered how much wounding we all experienced in our teen years by taking on the lie that we are not beautiful! 

We bury it and try to ignore it, without realizing it affects every area of our personal happiness! 

This truth has been showing itself to me in a very powerful way lately…in my 13 yr old daughter.

She has been struggling with issues related to her father and his abandonment of her, as well as issues with friends. I know that these things are hard for her to understand.

But I was shocked when  she naturally started assuming that it was because of the way she looked.

(Now, if you could see my daughter, you would be as shocked as I was when she said she was ugly, and that is why people are mean to her.)

She is a beautiful girl.

But she thinks otherwise.

She has started to fall into the trap that so many of us fall into

But as her mother, I will do everything in my power to show her that she is beautiful. That every woman is beautiful in her own unique way.

I have a question, and I want you ponder the answer to it…

Why Aren’t You Beautiful EVERY Day?

Think about it… There are days when you feel beautiful.

And days when you don’t.


Chances are, on those “beautiful” days, you’ve tapped into the things that really make your true beauty shine.

On days when you don’t look or feel beautiful, it’s probably just because you aren’t dressing in a way that supports your natural type of beauty.

Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep.

Or it might be something that has you worried, and is pulling you down.

Whatever it is, we all have Beautiful days, and then there are those awful Ugly days.


The truth is, you are naturally beautiful.

Anyone who suggests otherwise is lying.

And you’re the best kind of beautiful when your inner and outer expressions of beauty are in harmony.

I’ve finally found that beautiful harmony in myself, and I’m loving it!

I have finally realized what it is about me that others find attractive, and I no longer fear showing that side of myself to the world.

For years I “dulled down” my personality and appearance out of the fear that others would think I was egotistical.

But the truth is, I have a very BIG and outgoing personality, and that is the very thing that makes me beautiful.

We each have that special something that makes us unique.

And if you take the time to be really honest, you all know exactly what that “special sauce” is that makes you delicious.

But the problem is, we are so often afraid to allow others to sample that side of us…because if they reject our “special sauce” then we will have to admit that we are utterly useless.

So Where’s That Beauty Hiding?

The fashion world has all but convinced us that only one type of woman is beautiful: a very tall, skinny woman with porcelain skin and next to no wrinkles.

Yet, after years of struggling with these issues myself, I finally have made a breakthrough discovery!

I have discovered more than one type of beauty exists.

And each of us has a unique beauty we are meant to express effortlessly, true to our nature.

I meant what I said that every woman is beautiful. And that means you, too! 

If you don’t see something amazing when you look in the mirror, it’s just because you haven’t been given the tools to bring your true inner beauty to the surface.

Now, imagine with me what it would feel like to look in the mirror and love everything you see there.

To look and feel beautiful — both inside and out.

It’s easier than you think, and so much fun!

I have amazing dark blue eyes. They are the color of the ocean on a clear summer day. They are by far my best facial feature.

But the problem is, without makeup on, while, they are still beautiful, they don’t really stand out.

A few years ago, my chronic dry eye got bad enough that my eye doctor suggested that I stop wearing mascara. I was devastated because I know that without it, my best feature is pretty dull.

But instead of allowing myself to settle for ugly… I found a esthetician that applies the fake eyelashes that are glued to my natural lashes one at a time. It is a splurge, but it makes me feel beautiful. It is a treat that I look forward to every three weeks.

We all have the option to look amazing.

Every woman has a feature on her face, that if she played it up, would make her feel beautiful. For me it is my eyes.

I guess the point I really wanted to make today is this…

Everyone of us is beautiful.

We are created in the image of perfection.

So go out in the world today and SHINE!inner_beauty_outer_radiance



4 thoughts on “Busting the Beauty Myth

  1. I am so happy you feel beautiful…when we come from a place of love beauty pours out of us and spills into eternity!! I will send good energy for your daughter and I love you so for making sure she feels beautiful as well. It is so sad that the “image” of beauty is harked in fashion mags…tv…etc. and that is the standard by which we judge ourselves. Better to do as you stated and look inside…find our beauty and then celebrate it!! Blessitude 🙂

    1. I appreciate your prayes for my daughter. As we get older, we start to understand more what real beauty is. It is an uphill battle for us for sure, but we do learn to see the beauty in the lines on our faces.
      I appreciate your comment. You made my day!

      1. And you made mine!!! So beautiful. Yes, it does take time…and there are only teeny tiny moments that I look in the mirror and hate to see the lines. Mostly, I know I earned every single one and I am proud!!! Love to you 🙂

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