Where does Happiness come from?


Last night Jeff and I were having a conversation about attitudes.

We were pondering the question of why it is seemingly so easy for some people to be happy all the time.

Why do some people have the ability to bounce back quickly from a tragedy, while for others the tragedy becomes the thing that destroys their life?

What is it that creates either happiness or depression in people?

If we are honest, we are ALL a combination of both.

We are all simultaneously happy and depressed most of the time, but some “FEED” the happiness and others “FEED” the depression.

So today, let’s attempt to find out where happiness comes from.

I am one of those happy people.

So, I will share my experience with you in the hopes that it may in some way help you to hear how I have found happiness in my life.

Last night, I spent some time in meditation attempting to sort this whole issue out.


Heres what I discovered in the silence last night…


All anyone really wants is happiness.

Deep down, we all long to reach a state of mind that’s completely unburdened by conflict and suffering.

The desire to find this inner harmony is universal.

There is not one person alive who is not is search of this “Holy Grail” we call happiness.

It is the motivation behind everyone’s actions.

This common drive and ultimate goal is what makes you equal to everybody else.

It is also what makes you absolutely innocent.


Last night I had a huge epiphany.

I realized  that our happiness results from the perception of harmony.

This harmony we all seek comes in two flavors:

Harmony with ourselves.

And harmony with the world.

Harmony with yourself is the belief that you are good, worthy, and lovable.

Harmony with the world is your need to feel safe and connected.

It is also your soul’s natural yearning to exist in a meaningful and fair world.

Most of us had a pristine taste of this sense of existential harmony as small children.

Before we became burdened with a sad, acquired worldview, we had no issues with ourselves or with others.

We didn’t judge or label ourselves, so we embraced ourselves and others unconditionally.

Unaware of our mortality and of the perilous circumstances of life in a body, we enjoyed a profound sense of safety.

Amazed by the wonders of our new world, every day was filled with discovery and meaning.

Unfortunately, sooner or later, for everyone, the paradise of early childhood is eaten away by the parasite of the erroneous and negative concepts and beliefs that we are exposed to that begin to fill our minds.

We try to recapture a sense of harmony in the midst of this temporary and chaotic dream.

Every day, we go out there trying to prove ourselves worthy of our own self-embrace.

We seek countless signs of approval from others and from society, just so we can earn back our own love.

We also struggle and ultimately fail to find safety, fairness, connection, and meaning within the society we exist in.

Our general failure to find true, lasting happiness comes from looking for it in all the wrong places.

Happiness based on what’s temporary and arbitrary is forever elusive.

While happiness based on eternal truth is forever.

The harmony we struggle every day to recreate actually has never left us.

What we naturally perceived as small children is still there;

it always has been,

and always will be.happiness





The fact that I can still see this truth, and that my life experiences, have not been successful at closing my eyes to this truth, is I believe, the reason I am so resilient.

Let me introduce you to the reality that exists in my mind most of the time.

These are the truths that I believe deeply in my heart, and that I embrace.

I believe that our deeper reality is that we are eternal, innocent, and flawless spiritual beings.

We are forever lovable, forever connected, forever safe.

We exist in a universe filled with fairness and meaning deeper than we can currently conceive, and that universe is controlled by a God of Love.

We are equal to each other in what’s real and permanent, while we differ from each other only in temporary and ultimately meaningless ways.

The path to happiness is not an external path of validation, but an internal journey of realization.

I believe that happiness is found when we finally awaken to the magnificent truths of our existence.

Then and only then will the harmony and happiness you so deeply long for will forever be yours.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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