The Art of Surrender

Today I want to invite all of you to explore the sublime mental state of SURRENDER: 

art of surrender butterflies







Learning to surrender will improve the quality of your life, reduce stress, and increase joy.

You will start having lots more fun in your day-to-day life because you will learn the trick to lifting the dreaded curse of being overly serious and mature…


What would you say if I told you that the secret to mastering your life in a world that is filled with text messages, emails and instant messaging at every turn is something as simple as learning to SURRENDER?

The word surrender to me means simply this:

The grace of letting go at the right moment – the ability to accept what is, to exhale, and to flow downstream with the cycles of life instead of constantly believing you must battle them. The letting go of your need to obsessively attach yourself to certain people and outcomes, and anxiously brooding over the details of life.

I am fascinated by this concept of surrender because…

If I were forced to give a one word explanation of how I have healed all the abuse, the trauma, the suicide of my son, and raising four kids completely alone,

That one word explanation would be:



art of surrender 1





I was taught to be very proper, well-mannered, a woman of feminine grace at all times.

To obey the rules.

To be cooperative and pleasing no matter what.

That is the side of me that almost everyone sees and knows me by.


That is NOT who I really am at all.

My life has never been conventional.

I ‘ve never really found that niche that I can fit into comfortably.

I’ve gotten used to pretending to feel, and react to things in ways that are not real to what is actually happening in my mind.

But about three years ago, I had finally had it with people trying to fit me inside of some box that had nothing what so ever to do with who I am.

I have gotten over trying to pass as “acceptable” in my small town, Mormon community.

I would rather be my creative, quirky self.

Perhaps you can relate to my feelings because each of us is unique, beautiful, lovable, surprising, and spontaneously unfolding from moment to moment.

In order to survive and stop allowing my spirit to die a slow and lonely death, I decided to fight back.

I decided to SURRENDER!

One of the ways I have accomplished this is through my writing.

Writing is one of my passions, it is an alive, ever-changing meditation.

I can happily spend hours writing poetry, meditations, or simply recording my day in a journal.

My attraction to writing was the beginning of learning to surrender. 

By writing down my thoughts and feelings I was able to become fluid, to bend like a willow in the wind during life’s climaxes and its lows.

Writing has taught me how to stop clenching so tightly to life,

to stop obsessing,

over thinking,

over controlling,

and to stop allowing my stubborn streak to obstruct my spiritual expansion.

My soul longs to uncover the secrets of the universe – not just with my mind but with my heart, soul and intuition as well. 

I want to fly.

I want to soar.

Who says we don’t have wings?

I don’t care anymore whether anyone says its impossible.

I believe everything, anything, life itself is nothing but POSSIBILITIES!


I want you to stop and ask yourself these questions…

Why surrender?

What is the advantage of going beyond your comfort zone?

The advantage is that you will undergo a rebirth in areas of life where you feel stuck.

This flux of letting go, not knowing but choosing to move forward anyway is a vibrant process of refining your life.

This was my experience.

I moved forward, not without fear…but I forced myself to keep putting one foot in front of the other anyway.

I moved onward with hope, faith and determination to live an authentic life filled with passion and purpose.

I have learned to proceed even when the forces of fear and joy are pulling at me simultaneously.

I have begun to naturally melt into the dazzling beauty that has been impelling my life all along.

My intuition is what has brought me here.

I trust it more than anything.

Over the past three years I have learned that there’s a strange and wonderful ecstasy that comes from surrendering.

It creeps up on you.

Then one day you look at yourself and you are shining.

I don’t know exactly how I arrived here. I just know that I have and I am different, and it is a blessing.

By surrendering, I have become healthier, braver, more intuitive, more flowing and fun, younger, more untamed, and more spiritually pliant.

I have literally shed layers of fears and limitations that had previously kept me locked in a life that was no longer large enough for me.

I am telling you all of this,

the revelatory

and the challenging parts,

to encourage you to join me on the greatest adventure you may ever go on.


If you are like me –

someone who longs to become all they were created to become and more,

If at the end of your lifetime you want to hand over the talents that your Master entrusted you with, and show Him how you doubled the amount.

If you want to hear Him proclaim, “Well done my good and faithful servant”

Then surrendering to life is the key to opening that doorway.

surrender quote







Starting today, I am going to be writing about that specific topic.

I am offering myself as your guide.

I want to share with you what I have learned about surrender.

I am going to trust you with my secrets.

I cannot possibly predict what will happen in your life, or what things you will be asked to let go of.

But what I do know for certain is this:

The results of following me on this journey to surrender will yield results that are pure and good and right.

I pray that your life will begin to exceed your highest expectations.

If your willing to join me…

I will stay right here with you,

My arms are wide open and filled with love.

I am encouraging us to begin having open discussions in the comment section.

In these discussion we are free to build and uplift each other, encourage, and support everyone on their journey to a higher quality life.


So grab on…

Lets ride the Wild Stallion of Surrender to freedom.

surrender horse cloud


2 thoughts on “The Art of Surrender

  1. I once spent a year contemplating what “surrender” meant in the different aspects of my life. It was a year full of lessons that changed me forever. I love your post and for helping a very important message go out. hugs, pat

    1. Surrender is an extremely difficult thing to accomplish. It will be a lifetime job for me that I must re-commit to each and every day. But the benefits of it in my life are so vast and mind boggling that I will never ever go back to living life with clenched fists ever again.

I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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