Art of Surrender: Day 2… How to begin.

love letter

Todays blog is a love letter to the powers of intention, intuition, and staying close to your essence in practical ways with practical real world results.

I am going to show you how they are all platforms, that will enable you to create movement in your life, in all areas.

It is my prayer that after reading today’s post your mind will have opened another small crack that allows the  potential of surrender to seep in a little more.


Are you longing for your life to be a little bit easier?

Would you like to stop pushing and micromanaging, and just be able to relax?

What if you could enjoy what you already have, instead of lusting for more?

How would your life be different if you could slip into the ZONE more often and operate from your peak potential?

And here is the biggest question…

What if you could learn to stop worrying about money so often?


Lets go for a walk together to a magical place where the river flows. Down a path where you can literally feel the ground vibrating with pure potential. A place where you can experience the ecstasy of surrender.

magical pathways





You wouldn’t set out on a 15 mile hike through rugged mountain trails filled with potential dangers…

without first making some plans, and preparing for possible disaster would you?

Learning the art of surrender is no different.

On a hike, you will see amazing views and wonderous creatures and plant life,


You will also run into obstacles that must be crossed before you will reach your destination.


The same is true of learning the art of surrender.


You must first devise an action plan.

You will need to stay positive.

And learn to use the grit of your determination without trying so hard that you burn out or sabotage yourself.

You need to be totally committed to allowing the fears you are holding in your mind to be released.

These fears are a virus of the mind that can and will spread to many areas and literally restrict your success.


Second, you will need to open your mind to the mysterious, tender forces of goodness that are far greater than anything we can even imagine or comprehend.

You need to realize that God is infinite.

Literally beyond our comprehension.

He is capable of knowing you and your thoughts at a level of intimacy that is beyond your ability to comprehend.

By acknowledging this, you will begin to feel safe, loved and supported in ways that you may have never felt before in your life.

Kneel down and ask him to reveal himself to you.

It is his greatest desire to do that for each and every one of us.


The third thing that needs to be accomplished in order to begin the process of surrender is to check in with your attitude.

What are your beliefs about success?

Do you hold onto the notion that success comes from integrity verses winning at all costs?

If not, what can you do to begin to shift your attitude toward one of integrity?

Do you trust your gut more than you trust the public opinion?

Do you communicate with compassion, or do you speak with a vengeful attitude that is full of arrogance, and resentment?

Understanding where you are at in your attitude in these areas will determine how well you can get along with others and yourself.

If you are at odds with the people in your life, especially yourself…

Surrender will be impossible.

That is why it is crucial that you begin this process here.








Like many of us, I have a very busy life.

I want to accomplish a lot.

That is why surrender is so important to me.

I am tenacious in pursuing my goals, but I don’t want that to be the factor that clogs the flow of success in my life either.

I have to remind myself constantly, some days, to stop micromanaging and  attempting to assert my own will into the areas of my life where Grace belongs.

I feel successful when I can see progress on the goals I am working on, but I have also learned that success is much more than that.

I’ve come to appreciate that surrender is NEVER about being perfect.

It’s about doing my best and remaining authentic in all my dealings with people and life.

Being perfect is impossible.

It is nothing more than a futile attempt to control what cannot be controlled.

Admittedly, I still have a lot I want to achieve in my life, but the greatest accomplishment that I desire for my life now is to learn to live in the ecstasy of surrender in all things.

I take pride in my accomplishments, large and small, no matter how mundane.

This allows me to have small celebrations that enrich the quality of each and every day the Lord chooses to give me.

Surrendering is realizing that success does not have to involve complicated goals –

what matters is the clarity and heart that we bring to everything in our life.

I also really want to emphasise that success can NEVER be about just what you “do”.

Truly successful people know the value of laughter.

The importance of love.

They have learned how to really surrender to feeling happy about the tiniest things.

Surrender is all about reveling in a spring thunderstorm.

It is sitting around a warm fire and watching the flames dance around the wood.

The smell of night-blooming jasmine.

Laying in the arms of your loved one, and watching the stars shooting across the sky together.

night sky







When you master the art of surrender, you will be able to live with a peaceful mindset that allows you the freedom to partake of some blessed downtime, where you can go inward and hear the guidance of your intuition.


This has been especially helpful for me during those times of stress where I used to literally tie myself up in knots of frustration which would only make things worse.


I don’t always succeed at remembering to surrender and trust when life throws a curve ball at me, but I am learning.

I am a stickler about using time well.

Life is precious.

It goes by fast!

Your time is the most valuable gift you can give to your goals or to a person.

Thus, I intend to worship every moment and seek happiness wherever I go.

And just as the writer of the book of Ecclesiastes, I want to seek out those things that are righteous and good, and not waste my life on vanity.

My advice to all of you today is this:

Call off your search for happiness.

As Willa Cather wrote:

“What if life itself were the sweetheart?”

Happiness is right here
, right now.

It is found through surrender to God alone.

All other forms of happiness are just vanity.

Study the book of Ecclesiastes, and then meditate on the message it contains.

You have the power to make happiness whatever you want it to be.

Surrendering to what is instead of trying to bear down or freaking out, is a fundamental secret to being happy that I want desperately to share with all of you.




4 thoughts on “Art of Surrender: Day 2… How to begin.

    1. Thanks Susan.
      You are so right. I had been a student of surrender for years before I had my moment with the Lord that I spoke of yesterday, and nothing I tried ever lasted. I would do good with the changes for a few days, and then revert back to my old habits.
      It took the Lords intervention to change my heart and create a new creature out of me before I was able to enjoy a life that has more surrender moments and less clenching ones.
      The only path to surrender is the same narrow path we must follow in order to reach eternal salvation.

      1. Amen, sister, and it’s all two steps forward, one step back because we’re all imperfect humans. Thank the Holy Spirit for that one step forward, eh? 🙂

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