The art of Surrender Day 4: Destiny or your Will?

Life can be boiled down to this one consideration…

dance with destiny

Will you dance with your Destiny…

Or insist on your free will?

A mogul who rises to the top by hurting people has a crippled heart.

He is an abusive person…

Not a successful one!


True success isn’t using power just for power’s sake to pump up your own ambitions and ego, or even about earning more money.

True success is NEVER causing intentional harm for personal gain, no matter how much money or status you accumulate.

I love that the intention statement for GOOGLE is:


In my opinion that is one of the most admirable codes of conduct.

It  naturally encourages all of the employees to act honorably and to treat others with respect.

No wonder GOOGLE quickly became a successful, thriving company that is now a household name.

There is not one of us, who have not heard the expression, “ Nice guys finish last.

That statement equates niceness with failure.

How sad is that?

I am currently dating a man who is hands down one of the nicest people I have ever had the fortune to know.

He takes tremendous pride in his ability to be compassionate and playful.

Yet he is very successful.

He is an invaluable employee to his boss.

A cherished friend to everyone who knows him.

A son that his parents are extremely proud of.

And the man I love.


For me the factor that decided whether you finish first or last isn’t about “being nice.”


I believe that the one thing that determines your success is your ability to find a smarter model for success where you are able to be nice, but also know how to mindfully use your power to reach your goals.

What we need to start doing is having a different conversation with ourselves, our co-workers, our families and our friends about what it means to be successful and powerful.

Conversations like these have the potential to dispel dysfunctional stereotypes that keep us from soaring.

Together as a group we really could break the rules of this psychically materialistic society and begin to discover more heartfelt ways to live that would yield concrete, everyday gains.

In these conversations we could plant seeds that would begin to reject the cult of greed which equates success with people who make an excess of money, whatever the tactics, and tells us that we have to become tightwads or fear based about finances in order to feel safe in this unsafe world.

I have come to realize in my own life that when I begin to resist or stiffen up during a challenging time, I inevitably increase my stress levels,

which in turn saps my power,

and begins to create in my mind a “BUNKER MENTALITY.”

When this happens to me, suddenly everything becomes about defensiveness, worry, and fear.

There is no room in my heart or mind for love, openness, surrender.

I am locked in a small room in my mind where I must remain hidden in order to survive the attack that I have created in my mind.

This is the exact same reason that when you stiffen up during a car accident, you will suffer greater injury.

If you fight pain or adversity, the spasms of discomfort WILL tighten around you.


If you can start training yourself to take deep breaths,

To focus your mind on the fact that you are loved and supported by a higher power,

One that already knows your future and has already made provisions for you to make it to that future,

Then you will instantly feel your suffering begin to lessen.

Fear will lose its grip, and hope will replace it in your mind..and then the blessed state of surrender will once again reign free in your heart and mind.

In (Jeremiah 29:11) We are given a beautiful promise of hope. This is one of my most beloved passages in scripture.

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Isn’t that beautiful.

Place your faith in that promise.

Call on him in prayer to keep that promise, and you will begin to feel the truth of it for yourself.

I want you to start to experience how flowing with your challenges, rather than clenching onto your fears and outmoded beliefs, can enable you to solve problems more creatively.

It’s nothing short of miraculous how much your energy and focus will clear when you begin to shift from holding back to letting go.

As part of this new conversation, start speaking openly about intuition as a major factor in success.

We all posses the potential to receive guidance from a higher power, an inner guide, that can and will tell us the truth about things.

This inner wisdom is the antidote to fear and a overanxious mind.

It is a creative ally that is longing to help you hold a clearer, bolder vision of how to succeed, even when you might believe you are at an apparent dead-end.

There is more to success than just determination, or even passion.

That is where your destiny comes in.

It’s the very reason we came to Earth.

It is the very thing that can make our lives become meaningful, and passionate.

The problem for most of us is the simple fact that…

We cannot control everything.

No matter how hard we may try.


However, the thing I have begun to understand in my life is this:

The curveball that has been throw to us is the fact that destiny might not fit the scenario that we have created in our minds.







There is a popular Yiddish saying, that has become somewhat of a mantra for me.

“Man Plans. God Laughs.”

Before you can begin to align with, and start to fulfill your destiny, learning to listen to your intuition is key.

You will never be able to simply THINK yourself there.

You cannot manipulate yourself there.

The only hope we have is found in our ability to surrender to our Higher power, to God.

He will give us the ability to surrender in even the most unpredictable of situations.

My point today is, that sometimes all you have to do is open up a small crack to your inner wisdom, wether or not you believe it is possible.

That’s enough!

I didn’t need to completely surrender to the notion that I would be able to provide for my four children myself.

I didn’t even have to believe it was possible.

However what I did finally come to understand was that I  needed to take a tiny step forward…

I needed to allow for the possibility.

I needed to believe that God loved my children more than I ever can or will, and that he wanted to help me provide for them.

He was just waiting for me to ask…

To open up that small crack, so he could begin to work miracles for us.

Initially, my logical self  felt that I was being ridiculous, naive.

But thank goodness that logic DOESN’T know everything. 

I am so thankful that I didn’t allow my logic to completely jam the works of my destiny unfolding.

I was finally riding that invisible wave and it felt wonderful and right.


invisable wave





The ticket to embarking on the wave is simply, LETTING GO AND TRUSTING!



I have come to view success in very simple terms.

Bottom line, it means fulfilling your destiny without resisting that intuitive flow or letting logic talk you out of it.

If you fight the flow or ignore your inner voice, success might not find you.

I am not suggesting that you don’t pursue your dreams…Quite the opposite in fact.

I encourage you to go WILD trying to manifest them.


When you have done all that you can do, you must learn to surrender to what is meant to be.

Otherwise you will just end up torturing yourself and getting nowhere, an extremely painful scenario.

It is my guarantee that if a job, a relationship, or wealth is meant for you, it will find you in Timbuktu.

And when it does find you, the choice will be yours alone wether or not you accept your destiny.

However, the opposite is also true,

If a job, a relationship or wealth is not your destiny, no amount of trying will make it happen,

No matter how frustrating that may feel, or how hard you work for it.

In the end, destiny is what happened or didn’t happen in your life.

Even so, to boost your chances of success, you simply need to surrender and allow your inner wisdom the ability to speak to you.

Doing so will put you in synch with what is meant to be so that you can REALLY go for it!

Start to remind yourself that success is looking for you as much as you are looking for it, but you must recognize each other to click.



The art of manifesting goals involves both effort and surrender.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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