The Art of Surrender Day 8: The courage to Let Go

“If you keep watch over your hearts, and listen for the voice of God, and learn of Him, in one short hour you can learn more From Him than you could from man in a thousand years.”

Johannes Tauler

voice of god






Today, we are going to explore the potential for growth that comes from the part of surrendering,  where we let go of the outcomes, and have faith, that things will ultimately work out for our good.


I have so many stories that I could share about the relationship between power and surrender in my daily life.

Since my own personal discovery of the innate power of surrendering, to God, my worries and needs, I have discovered a vision of success that goes way beyond the traditional one-upmanship, social status, and my income.

What really excites me more than letting go of those limited standards, is how surrender can actually revolutionize success in your life when you let go and place your faith in intelligence that is so much greater than our limited self.

When you do this, you gain access to all the advantages that are promised to believers in the Bible. We literally have access to the Grace and power of God when we surrender to Him.

There is not a human alive, nor will there ever be one, who can even come close to the wisdom and power of the all mighty God.

Pair this surrendering to God, with clear thinking, and a good heart and you have just created an UNSTOPPABLE combination in your life.


listen to his voice








Do you realize how much more power you will be capable of, and have access to, when you learn how to let go of the results?

This kind of power possesses a fluidity because it is cellular, it is a force that keeps on growing as you do. This power will increase as your logic begins to also increase.

Accessing this power will require a light touch and a willingness to get out of your own way so that it can freely flow.

You need to understand that you are merely a vessel for this power…NEVER the master of it!

Anytime that we allow power to be all about our ego, its potential immediately begins to shrivel.

It is nothing more than a relic of what it could have been.

Clenching will only deplete this power and cut you off from the power source.

To visualize what I am meaning, just picture a garden hose with the water turned on and flowing freely though it.  

Now visualize the effect on the water flow when you “kink” the hose.

You almost completely stop the flow of water.









In order to access your entire potential, you have got to remain open so that the power of God can freely flow and affect your logic.

The thing you need to be aware of is this:

It is vital that you respect the strengths of your ego, but you need to become larger than it.

That is the very reason I am drawn to prayer every day. I am grateful for even the smallest hints that His greater power has to offer me.

You can’t INSIST on this power.

But you can definitely rely on the generosity of its flow if you can develop the habit of daily prayer and confession, and the constant renewal of your mind ( Romans 12:2),so that you are an empty vessel (Romans 6: 11-13) for him to fill up.

Many people have it backward.

They go hard after the power in the world in order to define themselves, to feel significant, rather than first developing a connection with an inner, heartfelt, power base.

This power base, will in EVERY case,  guarantee you a much stronger position in life.

If you can realize that your will alone is not the last word on power, you will begin to see for yourself that there are other sources of power that have the ability to connect you to people, situations, and give you the edge in almost every area of life.

External power is catnip for the ego and control freaks.







Too many people lack insight and compassion about how to use their influence well; this makes power dangerous.

To achieve a well-rounded balance of power, you need to learn to choose what type will define you. Light or Dark.

Carl Sagan said, ” The reptilian complex in the human brain is in some sense performing dinosaur functions still.”

Power is so seductive because it appeals to our most ancient,
hard-wired impulse for survival.

Though our reptilian brain plays an indispensible role in our lives, we may not realize how heavily it programs us.

The difficulty is that it reacts to perceived threats, even non-life threatening ones, as if we are being attacked by a predator. This is not a smart or sensitive way to deal with troublesome people or situations.

Surrender is a dirty word to the reptilian brain.

reptillian brain

This part of our brain IS NOT who we are, but when it remains unconscious, it can really cause distortions in our personality, our work environments, relationships, sexuality, and ambitions for success.



From the view-point of this reptilian brain, we get such ideas as:

* success depends on me being bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, etc.

*Control is more valuable than sensitivity.

*Hold your information tightly to gain the advantage, never share or build up another person or they might surpass you.

Think about it: is this the reality you want to have dictating your views of the world to you?


I cringe at such a grim and desolate prospect.


Because in our world, that paradigm values the love of power OVER the power of love.

Relationships, even with your spouse and children can easily be reduced to power struggles and mind games.

With the reptilian brain running the show we are vulnerable to addictions. We begin to surrender to them more than other goals or even intimacy.

The sad thing is, we are so numb to the effects of this reptilian brain on our life, because the behaviors are so automatic and so often condoned by the world.

In conclusion, I just want to emphasize the fact that the key to surrendering is learning how to make your mind feel safe enough to let go.

Pray that you will be softened enough to allow the resistance to new ideas to stop controlling your decisions.

Here are a few ways to “CONVINCE” your mind that it is safe to let go.

* reassure it by saying to yourself repeatedly, ” I’m extending my power base, becoming a master of my own fate. I’m not giving up anything, or ignoring my survival instincts.”

* Next, remind yourself of all the ways your life will improve when you can see power in larger terms. For instance,

” If I don’t have to control everything, my stress hormones will decrease and allow me to relax.”

“When I am not uptight , I have more energy and confidence.”

” I will live longer, and enjoy better sex and relationships.”

* Give your intelligence a say in the decisions so that you are not just operating from the knee-jerk reactions.

The quickest way to release old behaviors is to try new ones.









I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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