A big Thank YOU, My blog has literally exploded this week and I want to say Thanks!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love.

I started a summer series on my blog about the Art of Surrender, and since then my blog has finally been discovered.

I have worked hard, prayed, and dreamed that someday my Blog would be discovered.

Today, I want to say THANKS to all of you who have found me…

AND then honored me by hitting that infamous FOLLOW button.

My gift to all of you is a love letter filled with some of the wisdom I have picked up on the road of my life.


Dear Friends,

I write this love letter for you.

To you, I say love.

You are here to love.

To do anything other than love goes against all that you are.

Love everything and everyone—the light and the darkness, the bitter and the sweet.

Choose love over hate, pettiness, the need to be right, the illusion of financial security, and all the things that don’t even come close to LOVE.

Because, there are no do-overs in life.

You can’t erase the past or get back those moments that you missed so live now.

Know that each moment is a gift and an opportunity to live.

Run in the rain with the one that makes your heart sing when she beckons you to come enjoy life with her.

For that moment may be the last time you hold her hands, taste raindrops, and play like children with your beloved.

Kiss your love every chance you get.

Kiss them when you pick them up at the airport and every mile on your road trip,  because that may be the last trip.,

Know thyself!

You, spiritual-human beings, discover who you are.

You will know true love, happiness, success, wealth, well-being, peace, and joy when you know you.

As a child, you knew who you were until the world told you that you were someone else.

To fit in, conform, please others, get or not get attention, and grasp for love, you decided that you were not enough so you became someone else.

To know yourself is to love yourself.

So commit to you!

Obey your conscience and have the courage to be you.

You have a choice to be who you are or to make up a story about who you are and be that inauthentic self.


Take responsibility for your life: you are not a victim.

Life doesn’t happen to you.

Mind the seeds that you plant.

That is, your thoughts grow your reality.

Monitor every thought, carefully watching, and questioning its truth.

Thoughts are clever critters and will create drama.

Remember, you are not the thoughts in your head.

And, that which you do not master, masters you.

Be aware of those that live their lives filled with anger and malice, for they know not what they do.

Pray for them!

Love yourself enough to stand-up for you and also, accept responsibility for the role that you play.

I will leave you with this parting wisdom—be gentle with yourself, all things are temporary, judge not, and you can learn something from everyone you meet.


Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you are showing me on my writing journey!


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