The Art of Surrender Day 23: Surrender to Movement

My mother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. Now shes ninety and we have no idea where she is.


woman walking









Movement is a divine way of surrendering to your body and breaking loose of rigidity.

Our bodies are meant to move.

We were not built to spend our lives hunched over a computer, chained to our desks; this makes our bodies and our spirits suffer.


hunched over








Studies have linked a sedentary lifestyle with more deaths than smoking.

It’s a risk factor for back pain, obesity, osteoporosis, depression, and heart disease.

Further, it reduces the spaces between the vertebrae so we shrink with age…not a very attractive prospect!


Movement has numerous health benefits.









Research has shown movement to reduce toxic stress hormones that increase blood pressure, impair immunity, and decelerate aging.

It enhances cardiovascular health, improves sleep, reduces depression,and even increases brain volume.

Aside from these superb payoffs, the pleasure tension release you can experience from exercise comes from a surge of endorphins, your body’s natural pain killers.

I look forward to my morning exercises. I can’t wait to feel these “bio-chemicals of bliss”, so I move as much as I can.

One of my favorite forms of exercise is hiking in the mountains and desert areas with Jeff and my kids.

Moving with no destination in mind, simply walking where we are drawn to explore.








Moving with no intention, just surrendering to  new discoveries is freeing, spontaneous, primal fun.

The goal of movement for me, and the goal that it should be for everyone should not just be to simply get skinny, but rather to generate these natural feel good endorphins inside our bodies. 

It gets you out of your head  and into a place where you are able and ready to surrender to the bliss of moving your sacred energy.

I recommend that as part of physically surrendering to your body, you practice movement at least a few times a week, though a daily practice is optimal.

Remember that a little movement can go a long way. 

On days when I am really busy, even a few gentle stretches will loosen up my body and get me out of that clutching and pushing mode emotionally.

Exercise is grounding.


People Exercising at a Gymnasium







It opens you up to your sensuality.

Whether you are lifting weights (my favorite form of exercise) or playing tennis, doing yoga, consciously make exercise a sensual mindful meditation.

Sweating, breathing, stretching, and cultivating a head to toe awareness can actually become a sensual feast when you connect your mind and body together and feel them working in sync with each other.

Let movement give you a reason to love your body, no matter what size it is.


When developing an exercise routine, you will likely encounter resistance that will make it hard to surrender to the moment.

Resistance comes from the MIND, that part of you that fears change and newness so it will try to talk you out of something before you give it a try.

Resistance can also manifest as fear, anxiety, or shame about your body.

Generally, unless you’re to ill or to fatigued to function, resistance is not an intuitive message to stop.

I have noticed that as I have pushed myself past these moments of  “resistance to movement”  and exercised anyway, not only did my body become stronger, but my personality and mind did as well.

As I was becoming stronger in my body, I was also becoming stronger in my mind.

How can we be happy with our bodies?

How can we surrender to the sensual creatures that we are in all shapes and sizes?

The New York Times,  recently reported that a whopping 75% of normal sized Americans feel fat and unattractive.

As a woman, I can appreciate how vital it is to like how you look.

But… I also know how quickly my perceptions can change with my mood.

Occasionally after a long hard day, I will look in the mirror and cringe. All I can see are wrinkles, sags, and flaws.


Generally, the morning after these bouts, after a good nights rest, I will have a totally different perspective about the few wrinkles I see around my eyes.

The loving – kindness with which we see ourselves dramatically improves how sexy we feel.

So make loving – kindness a daily practice as you move your body.

In conclusion,

Each of us is born with a unique body and spirit.

No matter your height, size, or shape, this is the gift we were given by our creator.

Your body is amazing simply because its yours.

Be grateful for your body, inside and out:

every inch of you is a glorious masterpiece.

We are perfect…Imperfections and all.



6 thoughts on “The Art of Surrender Day 23: Surrender to Movement

    1. That sounds like fun. I think any time you exercise with a friend or family member it is a bonding experience.
      BTW, I made that peach drink and it was WONDERFUL. MY kids drank it all. It is definitely going to be a highly requested treat. Thanks for the recipe. 🙂

      1. I am so very glad to hear this! I love it when people let me know how things go for them and especially when it is well liked. Thank you so very much! You have made my day.

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