The Art of Surrender Day 24: Why Surrender? Meditation practice

I recently read a paragraph from the Book, “A course in Miracles”, on a blog and that paragraph struck such a cord inside my heart that I printed it and have it hanging in my office so I can read it daily.

I wanted to share it with you along with my “quiet time practice.”

“The memory of God comes to the quiet mind.

It cannot come where there is conflict; for a mind at war against itself remembers NOT eternal gentleness…

What you remember is a part of you.

For you must be as God created you…

Let all this madness be undone for you, and turn in peace of the remembrance of God, still shining in your quiet mind.”

A Course in Miracles.



I begin each morning immediatly following my morning prayers with this practice and it has created a huge shift in my personality, my beliefs, and my reality.

I would like to share it with you as a suppliment to my blog post today.

My Oneness Meditation

As soon as I finish my prayer, I sit back in my chair and relax my mind so that I can view myself as connected to every person I have encountered. I extend to them a sense of their personal value in the eys of God. I extend to them the loving part of myself that is connected to all of life.

Then I feel my connection to nature in a non-judgemental attitude of acceptance of things as they are.

Then, I extend to myself loving acceptance as well. I see myself as God does. 

This is the heardest part of this practice. But you need to remain focused on the love that entertwines through out all of Gods creation…including yourself.

Notice what it is that you are feeling. Try not to allow any distractions to interrupt your connection to the love of God.

Sit with the quietness as long as you can. Start with just 1 minute and steadily increase the time to as much as your schedule will permit.

Then periodically throughout the day say to yourself or outloud the famous recover quote, ” Let go and Let God!”

Over time you will notice that your mind is quieter no matter what is happening around you.

You will notice that the things that used to cause you to feel fear no longer upset you as deeply.

This daily practice immediatly following prayer is also an amazing time that I recieve guidance and direction for my life and my children.

I often imagin a painting, or topic for my blog during this time. 

My heart is opened up to my purpose as a member of the body of Christ during this time more than at any other during my day.


In order to hear God, we need to become silent! 


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