The Art of Surrender Day 24: Why Surrender?

God loves to see in me, not his servant, but himself who serves All.

Rabindranath Tagore

servant of god







The reason we must learn to understand… And then apply the concept of Surrender to our lives, can be answered by asking ourselves a few very pointed questions.

Am I like God Now?

Am I getting closer?

Am I there yet?

If we are honest with ourselves about the answers to these questions, we would probably have to answer, “NO”

My life has been filled with debilitating pain and heartache, as well as moments of ecstatic joy.

Just like yours!

The entire universe as I see it, is made up of LOVE.

The entire Bible could be condensed down into one concept: Love.

Each and every one of us are an individualized expression of the God of Love.

We all need to learn to surrender to who and what we are, expressions of love, created in the image of God.

god of love




When we experience moments of heartbreak, we can find peace in surrendering to the knowledge that we are loved and supported by a loving God.

When we have times of ecstatic joy, we can open our hearts and completely surrender ourselves to that joy, knowing that in those moments we are experiencing the Love of God.

When Paul was in prison he taught us all a very powerful lesson on the Art of Surrender.

(Philippians 4:11)  “11 I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.”

paul in prison






I don’t know if I have reached the point where I could be sitting in prison being tortured like Paul was in Philippi, and experience contentment in that place.

But I am working on that every single day.

Nevertheless, the Art of Surrender can be learned.

The Holy Spirit must be our teacher and the grace of God must bring the lesson to our hearts.

You and I, as children of God, can grow in contentment.

It is hard learning, but it is very much worth it.

Lets think about this idea a little more…

We came from Love; therefore, we must all “BE” love in some way, since we must embody the traits of our origin.

Jesus put it this way, (1 John 4:8)  “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

Pretty basic concept, very straightforward and easy to understand.

God is Love, and we were created in his image, so we are love too.

Learning to surrender is vital because every day, in almost every moment we are moving away from our original nature and toward our sin nature.

Every act of judgement, anger, shame, fear, anxiety, and violence moves us away from the peace and comfort that can only be found when we are in fellowship with our Creator.

Do you ever meditate on what it was like when we existed in heaven with God?

What were we doing?

The instant we were born, the answers to these questions became nearly impossible to contemplate, but I think it’s the most thought about question in humanity.

Learning to surrender is vital because we entered this world with nothing, and we will leave it with nothing.

Therefore, we need to learn to let go and surrender to “what is”.

In Heaven there was nothing to own, nothing to fight over, nothing to worry about…

Then we entered this world where “something” has replaced the “nothing”.

In our material world, owning nothing and doing nothing is generally interpreted as signs of failure…

Yet, our true nature is most comfortable with “nothing.”

Think about it…in those moments where you felt closest to God, you were sitting in silence with nothing to take care of, you were just “being”


praying in nature








One of my favorite quotes is from Herman Melville, he said,

“God’s one and only voice is silence.”

We are commanded to be empty vessels before God.

We must make the effort to find our way to that peaceful nothingness while we are still in our bodies.

This is the very purpose of our existence.

To express our faith in Jesus through the life we live.

To become a reflection of Him.


reflection of him







We can empty our pockets, or our purses…

but the thing that most needs to emptied often, is our mind so that we can relish the joy of living in this physical world while simultaneously experiencing the bliss of nothingness.

That is our origin…and our final destination.

When you begin to surrender your life to the Lord, you will discover that at our spiritual core, we are both nothing, as well as connected to something glorious and beyond our minds ability to comprehend.

The place we came from is devoid of dichotomies, unlike our material world, which is dependant on opposites.

In this world, without the concept of up, there can be no down.

Without death, there’s no life.

The north pole of a magnet cannot exist without the south pole.

No males without females.

No right, no wrong,

We think in dichotomies, and we identify ourselves on the basis of opposites.

We know what we like.

What tastes good.

What feels good…

and so on, because of our experiences with what we Dis like.

My goal in writing this series on Surrender was to help mostly myself, but also all of you come to an understanding of our purpose in life.

If we can imagine that we are free of all labels,

All separation,

And all judgements,

About this world, and the lives inhabiting it,

We can then, and only then, begin the process of Surrender.

We can relax into the silence of where we came from.

We can discover the meaning of life by returning to that oneness and nothingness while we are still in our physical forms.

The closer we can get to experiencing our original nature, the more peace and purpose flows through us.

potters hands





8 thoughts on “The Art of Surrender Day 24: Why Surrender?

  1. “We can relax into the silence of where we came from.” This is the most pastoral thought ever. This world is filled with a constant barrage of noise, and we are ever “plugged in.” It takes intention to be silent, to listen for God’s still, small voice. But there is the peace beyond understanding, the relationship we seek. Less work, more surrender. Simply being.

    Simply wonderful post.

    1. Awwh, thank you Susan.
      I think that the moment I first felt his peace fill my heart, was also the exact moment I learned to be grateful for the pain that had led me to the foot of the cross.
      If life had not gotten so noisy and painful for me I might never have been broken enough to learn to be still and know that He is God.
      Thanks again for the encouragement and support that you so freely offer me. You will never know how much it means to me.
      God Bless!

  2. This is an amazing post. I just finished writing a post on love. If only we could learn to submit like Jesus. Then we would be able to pull out the power of love that already lives in us.

    I have to been searching to surrender and let God take the lead to know what his will is for my life. I’m on a quest to put his kingdom first. I have to check out your other posts that I missed!

    Thanks for sharing your quest with us!

    1. You are so very welcome! 🙂
      I felt very inspired to share my journey with people because I believe that each and every soul craves this place of quiet surrender where our soul is at rest no matter what noise there is around us in the world.
      I still have such a long way to go before I will truely understand and be able to completely surrender to God, but as I make it a priority each day to do just that, I have noticed miracles everywhere that are supporting me on this journey.
      I have to say, your doodles are quite often one of those miracles that i am refering to. There are days when you seem to be writing for me alone.
      God Bless you on your journey my friend!

      1. I’m glad you decided to share. I am one of those people that are searching. All we can do is take it one day at a time and allow God to prune us.

        I’m honored you count doodles as one of those miracles. Like you, I feel compelled to share my struggles. I guess that’s one of the many ways God unifies us in spirit.

        Many blessing to you as well!

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