The Art of Surrender: In Conclusion…

 What is the most important question that we can ask of ourselves?




What if that question is a simple one?

What if it is to ask … what is keeping me from fully living the spiritual life I wish to live?

What, if anything, is keeping me from my heart’s intension?

What is standing between me and the life where I love unconditionally?

A life where I am fully at peace?

One where I do not experience brokenness in any way?

Where I have found a way to rise above the conditions and circumstances of my life?

Where I choose how I feel in every single moment, and I choose to feel and emanate ONLY LOVE? … 

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I have spent several weeks discussing the topic of surrender…

 and REALLY asking these questions of yourself is a very powerful practice for anyone who desires to live a life of surrender.


I know when I first heard the word “Surrender” used in a conversation where people were discussing the philosophy of … ”Let Go and Let God.”

I remember feeling things like …

Give up control of my life to this God that I don’t really know all that well?

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Surrender everything to this God that I have avoided for so much of my life?

That’s not safe … what if it doesn’t work out?

And isn’t that passive?

Isn’t that lazy?

Isn’t that kind of like declaring you’re a bum and you are giving up?


I didn’t like the sound or the feel of surrender …

But today I look back and I understand where I was coming from …

I was in fear.









I had very limited experience of recognizing the presence of God in my life and I had no idea that I was always a child of God.

I felt then that I could decide who and what I was in the Universe and I could control my own destiny all on my own (once I figured a few more things out) …

I just knew that someday I would figure it all out …

I was afraid of failing …

And I was petrified of giving up my perceived control of my life.

What if this God character screws it up worse than I have so far?

It all just felt pretty risky to me back then.

And I hadn’t met anyone yet, I hadn’t experienced anyone that had given themselves over to God that were living the good life.

rumi quote of fear




Which is why I was so determined to write this series on surrender and share it with as many people as possible.

I want to give a name and a face to someone who chose to SURRENDER to God, and is so much better for that decision.

Being alive, being fully alive, means living a life that is awake, that is fully aware of its oneness with God.

That is what surrender is.

Being conscious of these truths and living from this perspective. Having Faith.

I surrender each day to this truth.

I Surrender my life, my talents, and all of my love to God and accept what comes my way, no matter what. I do this because it’s the only choice I truly have.

Surrender means, by definition, giving up attachment to results.

When we surrender to God, we let go of our attachment to how things happen on the outside and we become more concerned with what happens on the inside.”

You see, the only way to come to understand this truth is to experience it.

Though our hesitance and suspicion of surrender is well founded, at our deepest level we are literally starving to be filled with and sustained by a faith so strong that it can only come from what “Surrender” can bring.

“Surrender simply means keeping God’s will before our own.”

Simple … but what does that mean?

How do we keep God’s will before our own?

Practice, practice, practice … and lots of  prayer and meditation!








The purpose of surrender is to help us grow beyond our self‐absorption, to cross that bridge … so that we might recognize and remember … Oh Yeah! We are not alone and we are here to learn to live our lives in service to a larger love.

Surrender is the source of all transformative faith.

It is the work of the heart and the heart of the work.

We really have no choice you know.

Life is, at best, a long slow letting go.

So let’s have fun.

Let’s rejoice, and be grateful for the experience of life …

It’s time to add “Surrender” back to our spiritual vocabulary.

Lets no longer be afraid of that word and it’s meaning.

Hopefully, we understand now where that fear comes from.

So that now we feel free to embrace and affirm spiritual surrender.

Practice it.

Live it every day, and in every moment.


I have enjoyed exploring this subject with you. I have learned more from these blog posts that probably anyone else has, and that has been such a blessing in my life.

I pray that you will all bring your hearts to the cross and surrender them to the only person who is worthy of that kind of trust. Our Savior.

ending quote











I would love to hear how this series has helped you. I also would love to hear how you have applied the concept of surrender into your own personal life.

Please leave a comment below so we can keep this conversation alive.


13 thoughts on “The Art of Surrender: In Conclusion…

  1. Another great post! I have recently decided I will not let fear dominate me anymore. I am a work in progress and practice everyday. We have inherited so much as God’s children, but fear has prevented some people from walking as Jesus did. I like how you added surrender to this concept. If we could only surrender and allow God to be God we would be able to see his glory even more. I think now is the time for us to rise up and do the work God has prepared for us to do. Many people have been preaching the same message in different ways. God wants us to trust him so we can live the life we’re created to live, which is to imitate Jesus by healing, loving, and educating the world as he did.

    This was a powerful series! I pray whoever reads your posts on surrender will be blessed. I am happy you were impacted to truly be free in Christ. You are a great blessing for sharing this with us. I pray, as you walk in surrender, God will show up in a mighty way.

    Would you still like me to create the doodle for you? I responded to you but never heard back.

    1. Fear was the dominating fator for me for way to long. Learning to let it go, and trust in God has made my life so rich and full.
      I really wanted to start that conversation with people because I always thought surrender was something I could never do…but if you really open Gods word and examine what he means by surrender, it then becomes something you can’t waith to do.
      I really do want a doodle for inner beauty. I am sorry I never got back to you. The comment is not on my dashboard, but I found it through my home page.
      I adore your doodles. The just make me happy!

  2. “Surrender means, by definition, giving up attachment to results.” Absolutely nailed it on this line, Melanie. I am finding this true more and more. I pray for things I desire; yet when I’m finally ready to let go, and pray, “but Your will, God,” I receive what I desire and so much more.

    It happens so often I don’t know why I don’t simply start there. No agonizing, no heavy weight on my shoulders, just His power and presence, lightness and contentment surrounding me.

    It’s such a blessing when I make the choice to trust His will and His timing!

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