The Glory of Humility

Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance.










It is my hope that we can all come to understand the importance of Humility in our lives.

I believe that the idea of a humble person has been villianized in our modern society, while the selfish proud person is held up as the example.








Humility does not mean self-abasement, it means recognizing an Infinite power greater than our little self.

Most parents and teachers have felt that secret little twinge that pricks the conscience when their child boasts to a playmate and puffs up with pride.

Perhaps that twinge is concern that our parental cheerleading has created an egotist, rather than a self-confident, but modest child.

spoiled kid





Where does humility come in when self-esteem and self-confidence are valued so highly in our society?

In order to answer that question we need to first recognize our true Selves with every breath.

We need to joyfully acknowledge all that is possible through the Infinite spirit that is our true Self.

We as adults need to begin showing children how humility and success can go hand in hand.

Teach children confidence in their true Selves, not in the little self of I, me, mine.

Cheer them on and help them to see the amazing possibilities open to them when they see God within themselves and others.

The outward self is not so important as allowing the true Self, the Spirit in all, to do incredible and wonderful things through them and with them, and for them.

Recognize the beautiful Spirit within you as your true Self.

Let go of your attachment to the person you define yourself as.

There really is no independent “I.”

We are all interconnected and we are all the same at our deepest levels.

(Philippians 2:3-4) Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility regard others as better than yourselves. Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others.

Have you ever experienced a success and then became puffed up with pride?

Or did you recognize all the ways that there was something deeper that played a role in this success?

It may be helpful to consider some of the following ways that God, guides you in your life:

  • Did you get any intuitive hunches?

  • Were you inspired with new thoughts or creative ideas?

  • Did circumstances seem to fall into place easily and effortlessly?

  • Did you receive just the right resource at just the right time?

  • Did you feel a surge of energy or determination?

  • Did you receive help, encouragement or ideas from other people? (Spirit also works through others!)

Recognizing that there is something deeper and authentic flowing through our successes doesn’t diminish them. It expands them!











In the past, I was always chasing the latest guru, or self-help book.

They helped me while I was reading them, or listening to them, but as soon as I walked away, the “changes”walked away too.

Nothing seemed to create a lasting change in my life.

I was trying to fix things MYSELF.

I never asked God what His plans were for my life, and my life was a mess!


I will end today with a story that perfectly portrays this problem that seems to plague us all.

Story: The King Who Wanted to Touch the Moon

An adapted Caribbean Folk Taletreasure boxes

Long ago, lived a good king named Reggis. In his kingdom,there was a young carpenter named Darik, who made beautiful wooden chests. The chests were sturdy and useful, and he loved to make them. Some of them were plain but some were fancy, such as the one he made for the king, painted purple and gold. King Reggis was very pleased and declared Darik the royal carpenter. No one knew the purple and gold chest was destined to become an important part of the king’s future.

King Reggis was not cruel or stupid; he served his country well and the land prospered. The people worked hard and cooperated with one another. No one went hungry. They were friendly with the neighboring kingdoms and kept the peace for many years.

The king was grateful his people were happy. Then one day he overheard the cook say to the assistant cook, “King Reggis is the best king we have ever had!” and the king silently agreed.

The next day the king overheard the gardener say to the assistant gardener, “King Reggis is amazing, he could do anything!” and the king silently and strongly agreed.

These thoughts — that he was the best and he could do anything — filled the king’s mind. He became displeased with anything ordinary, because the best king should only have the best of everything. His favorite carrot soup was no longer tasty enough, so he sent it back to the cook. The garden no longer seemed beautiful enough, so he ordered it dug up and replanted with flowers that would never wilt or die.

The king found it hard to sleep because he worried about staying the best king ever. Each day he had to find another way to show that he was the best and he could do anything. He paced restlessly back and forth in the silver moonlight.

The moon was so bright and silvery, the king wondered what it would be like to touch it. Well, why couldn’t he touch it? He could do anything! He immediately ordered that the royal carpenter be awakened and brought before him.

“What is the fastest way to build a tall tower?” demanded the king when the sleepy carpenter arrived in the royal bedchamber.

The carpenter had no idea what the king wanted, but he immediately thought of all the chests he had made and answered, “If you stack up all the chests in the kingdom, that would make a tall and sturdy tower.”

“That is a brilliant idea! I want to touch the moon, so begin at once,” the king commanded Darik.

The carpenter was too astonished to reply. He knew it would be impossible to build a tower tall enough to reach the moon, but he thought it best to let King Reggis find out for himself, so he went to work.

Every chest in the kingdom was brought to the garden and stacked up. The king’s purple and gold one was first. Then all the others went on top. When all the chests were stacked, it was not high enough to reach the moon, so the king ordered the carpenter to make more chests.

Darik worked day and night, using every scrap of wood left in the kingdom, and all the new chests were added to the tower of chests in the royal garden.

At last there were no more chests and no more wood. The king announced he would climb the tower that night and touch the moon. Everyone watched in wonder as the king carefully made the difficult climb to the top.

When the king stretched up his hand as he stood on the last chest on the top of the tower, the moon was still out of reach. But how could this be? He was the best, he could do anything!  The king demanded that one more chest be sent up – all he needed was one more.

“But there are no more chests, Your Majesty!” the carpenter shouted up to the king.

“Then take one from the bottom and send it up!” the determined king commanded.

Darik knew the king’s pride had finally made him blind to even the most obvious facts. There was nothing to be done but do as the king commanded.

So the royal carpenter pulled on the handle of the purple and gold chest and then ran out of the garden as fast as he could. The onlookers all ran too. Of course, the tower toppled over with a huge crash, filling the garden with chests of every size and color.

When every chest had fallen, and the dust had settled, the carpenter was afraid to look for the king.  But unbelievably, the king lived.

 King Reggis returned to his royal duties with a very different attitude. One day he overheard the cook say to the gardener, “Our good king is foolish, but he is no longer full of pride!” and the king silently and strongly agreed.





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