Emery County Fair Rock Wall. Created by Humpty Dumpty Mural Magic

Brenda and I have been on the staff for the Emery County Fair Planning Board for two years now.

This year the theme for our fair is “Home Grown Energy”.

Our community is mostly supported by the coal industry.

The coal mines supply coal to two Power Plants where the electricity that we all enjoy is produced.

The coal industry creates a ripple effect of jobs in our community.

We need machine shops to repair and service the mine equipment.

We have trucking companies that exist because of the need to haul the coal.

And on and on it goes.

Without these industries our county could very possibly cease to exist.

We also have lots of natural gas, helium, iron, and uranium deposits here that sustain us as well.

We are proud of our county, and love our small town life.


As anyone who reads the news knows, the government is threatening to shut down the coal mines and power plants.

So this year we decided to highlight the benefits of these industries.

We feel that our side of the story needs to be heard too.

Our way of life deserves to be defended.

This year, we as a committee, are hoping to do just that!


So As a staff we decided to decorate the Exhibition Hall in a way that would honor each area of HOME GROWN ENERGY we supply in EMERY COUNTY, UTAH.

Brenda and I built a 13’x10’rock wall to replicate the portal to a coal mine.

Here are the pictures of our latest mural creation.


rock wall1










Here is the finished wall.

rock wall 2









Our local Sheriff Dept brought over inmates to assist us with the installation. The rock wall weighted approx 900lbs, luckily we built it in sections so that a human could install it. 😉


rock wall 3









Its hard to see it in the pictures, but I also painted train tracks on the floor so that the coal dumpster could ride the rails right into the portal.



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