What Ever! The most popular catch phrase.

I originally Posted this in January 2014, but updated it for today. I felt that the message needed to be repeated.


perfect life

Do you live in a world all your own?

Society today reflects the culture’s craving for a designer world.

Everyone believes they should have the right to live in a world created just for them, a world that suits their every whim.

We all want things to go our way, according to our own timeline, and at the pace of our own choosing.

We want designer clothes,

designer technology,

designer homes and cars,

and even designer religion.


We want either to simply belong to something, or belong our own way.

We don’t want to have to put any effort into our designer life. We just want it to appear.

This is the reason we are all trying to find the perfect clubs, gangs or even churches.

During a conversation with Harvard University President, Billy Graham asked him, ” What appears to be the thing that young people are looking for…

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4 thoughts on “What Ever! The most popular catch phrase.

  1. The image for “whatever”……to me, it was the 90’s version of F-u. It triggered a memory of my divorce, and a reminder of that wall that so many put up to rationalize and justify behavior. The “it’s not my fault, don’t want you to be happy” crowd has a way of justifying bad behavior then criminalizing those who protest against the offense.
    I’ve studied this over 25 years, and the pattern is pretty much set. Tell me if agree, or think I’m way out there.

    The ultimate manipulation starts with “the question”. Who me? What are you talking about? Are you kidding? Who do you think that you are?

    Then the rationalization: “You know how you are”, “you made me”, “you don’t understand”, “it is your fault”.

    If they can’t get an apology, it is the redirection: “you know someone told me”, “I heard”, “I know”, ” you said…” (something unrelated and out of context).

    It moves into Not My Fault phase: the obfuscation, look at anyone but me. The dog ate my homework, my mom told me..”did you know that I can’t, did you know who was here, did you look at?”

    The last ditch effort is Reblame…”why are you dumping this on me? Why do you want to hurt me? What is wrong with you? I’ve done nothing, you have the problem.”

    I have one thing to say…whatever!

    Not that I am bitter, it just gets old when no one wants to just say Sorry. You are right, let’s make this better, or what can I do to make up?

    There is a lost art of making up. I still lack skills, but I am enamored, and grateful for those who are skilled at the art of making things right.

    Great post! Sorry it got me a bit riled up. We can do better as a society, as a caring people. We can humble ourselves when we transgress, and make amends. Giving no offense, as we are charged as Christians. Taking no offense, as we are charged…easier said, than done… I know. Still a worthy goal, while guarding ourselves against the Whatever!

    Sometimes skills are needed in the fight against those who demand. I’m all for skill building.

    1. I agree…This post was written as a way to vent my frustration over my ex husbands complete lack of responsibility and compassion for our children.
      I too get riled up over this subject.
      I am glad that we have this avenue to vent our frustrations, and find like minded souls to support and uplift us.
      We will “sharpen”each other and strengthen our commitment to the Lord by sharing this and discussing solutions.

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