Fill your life with the ONE thing that brings clarity.

This has been a challenging and difficult summer, filled with painful news from around the world.










We can talk face to face with people on the other side of the earth, but cannot resolve long term problems.

It has been a summer in which war, hunger, disease, and hopelessness have shown themselves again and again.

What does a spiritual life have to offer us this summer other than

easy platitudes and unfulfilled promises?

It is not as if living a spiritual life provides a list of workable action steps to address intractable worldwide plagues.

Spiritual life is much deeper, much more than that.








It can be easy for us to forget, as we face such heart wrenchingly painful times, that spiritual life gives us courage.

Courage is more than being brave or persisting in the face of hard times.

Courage is not about facing an adversary or a situation.

Courage is our willingness to look directly into our own hearts, our deepest fears.

Courage is meeting our own conflict, hunger, sickness, and hopelessness directly.

Spiritual life fills our hearts and sets them on fire.








We explore the Sacred in the world around us, even in the challenging parts.

We discover the Sacred in ourselves.

Spiritual life is not a blueprint for social change with answers to all our questions.







Spiritual life raises questions in us, questions on which we need to reflect to appreciate our world.

Our questions help us listen and see more clearly.

We become more open to the life that fills our hearts and the world around us.

We experience new life.

We take heart, and share our lives in creative ways.

Spiritual life encourages us to act.

How will you find the Sacred in your heart today?

Where can you go to find the time you need to reflect?

Many people are merely marking time instead of enjoying their lives.

Their favorite day of the week is “someday.”

Someday my ship will come in.

Someday my prince (or princess) will come.

Someday it’s all going to get better.

Someday my life will change.

A recent study revealed that 94 percent of the people surveyed were simply enduring the present while “waiting for something better to happen.”









Faith in the flow of this unique one way ticket called life is not a pick and choose buffet…

It is all or nothing.

All too often we permit the 1%  “hang up” to corrode our thoughts,

invade our hearts,

direct our decisions

and consume the beauty that is ours to behold in this life…

leaving us bitter, and afraid.

Is it so much to believe that happiness could truly be ours if we step out of our own way?








Many times we wish for all the life and possessions of our neighbors, and are disappointed when it is not ours to receive.

We become frustrated and disheartened in our spirit.

As I look back over my life..

I can clearly see how every time life took something away from me…it wasn’t being cruel…

It was simply clearing the way for new and better things to come in.


Today, take a moment to ask yourself the deeper questions that will open your heart and allow you to see the meaning in your life.



3 thoughts on “Fill your life with the ONE thing that brings clarity.

  1. I agree, especially about what you wrote about possessions. Covetousness corrupts the spirit horribly. We are meant to be a river, flowing, giving and receiving, not a reservoir for stuff. Things can’t bring happiness, and the material ends up old and in the attic anyway. Things can be enjoyed, but sometimes that joy can be multiplied exponentially when we can sow what we have to those in need. It is all balance and trust that the Limitless Creator can take care of us. We get to believe and live, really live in the time we have.
    Great post as always!

    1. Thanks Wendy. You said it perfectly. When we allow ourselves to “feel” lack in our lives, we become greedy and hold tightly to our stuff. But if we can fill our lives with the spirit, stuff looses its hold on us.
      This has been an uphill challenge for me as a single mom with four kids, I get stuck in the lack emotions more than I like to admit, and when I can clear the fog out of my head and regain my trust in the Lord again, life starts to flow downstream once again.

      Have a great Sunday.

      1. It is hard to flow uphill…agreed. Rivers give and receive. The hard part for me was receiving. I would pour myself out, and despair. It is all about balance and trust. God bless you richly and completely, and may you receive the 100 fold. Happy Sunday!

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